Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP)

IQP students work with local organizations to tackle real-life problems and challenges where science and technology meet social issues and human needs.

Off-Campus IQP Application Process for 2024-2025 Programs

Our April application cycle for 2024-2025 off-campus IQP  will open on April 9th. Please look for an email on the 9th announcing the openings offered and detailing instructions for applying. Contact the Global Experience Office for additional information.

Roadmap to the Off-Campus IQP: Video Series 2024-2025

Now is the time for you to start thinking about what kind of IQP experience you hope to have.  It is still early in the process, but there is a lot to consider. Do you want to do an off-campus or on-campus IQP?  Where will IQP fit in your schedule?  To help you answer those questions view our IQP Explained 2024-2025 video, the first of a series of videos about the application process on YouTube.  

It's time to start exploring your off-campus IQP options! With over 45 project center destinations in 30 international and 10 domestic sites, there is a lot to consider. Planning ahead and becoming an informed applicant can help you choose project center sites that will work for you. Begin your IQP exploration by watching the  Where to Begin video on YouTube.

If you are ready to learn more about applying to the Global Projects Program for IQP, view the IQP How to Apply video on YouTube. The video will walk you through the application process and highlight important steps along the way, clarify who is eligible to apply, review factors to consider in choosing an IQP, explain the application preview and show you how to apply on eProjects, and cover how to fill out your Project Preference Survey form.

Questions about the IQP application process? Watch our Off-Campus IQP Application Kick-Off where we introduce students to the IQP application process and answer YOUR questions. The Kick-Off was held Sept. 1st, and the recording is available now for students who were unable to attend or want to review the information again.

How to Apply

  • Only sophomores and upperclassmen are eligible to apply for off-campus IQP programs.
  • First-year students can apply only for Humanities and Arts programs, unless they can prove sophomore status (check with the Registrar’s Office.)
  • A student can apply for a global project while on academic warning but they must improve their academic standing at the next review in order to be eligible to participate in the program. Students who are currently on academic warning may apply to the GPP and may be granted provisional placement in the program. Students who receive provisional placement will undergo a review of their academic record at the next academic review period. Students who are back in good academic standing will be permitted placement in the GPP, and students who are on academic probation will no longer be eligible to participate.
    • It is important to note that the application process for the GPP is competitive and that the strength of a student’s academic record is an important consideration when reviewing applicants for any site.   
  • Students on academic probation are ineligible to apply to the GPP.
Consider Location & Cost
  • You can browse program options on eProjects. We encourage all applicants to read the details of program opportunities carefully and watch videos when available to better understand the project center locations that interest you. On each program page you will find details regarding housing, transportation, climate, and other unique factors specific to the project center location. It is important that you read these details carefully, consulting with family members when necessary, to determine whether or not a location will be a good fit. After placement, the GEO offers a robust pre-departure orientation program, starting as soon as two terms prior to departure, in order to help you prepare for your term off-campus.
  • Some factors to consider as you browse programs include (hint: these answers can be found on the program pages!):
    • What type of projects have been completed at the Project Center?
    • Do you have any personal health concerns (allergies, chronic conditions) that could impact where you travel based on climate and/or environmental factors?
    • What term(s) can you feasibly go away?
    • What price range are you looking at for this experience? Have you discussed cost with your family? Program Budgets 
  • IQP Site Information Videos: Learn more about each site by viewing the site video on eProjects. IQP applicants are strongly encourage to view the video for as many sites as possible, especially those of great interest.
Preview Application Materials

The application process for the Global Projects Program (GPP) is competitive. Meeting deadlines and completing all components of the application on time all contribute to a successful application. Every application is carefully reviewed and considered. However, no student is guaranteed placement at any project center.  The 2024-2025 Off-Campus IQP Application, includes the following components:

  • Waiver to Access Records: You will be asked to sign off on a few application statements including an understanding of the application process and a release of your transcript and judicial records.
  • Cultural Hub: You may choose to complete the Cultural Hub section of the application as an opportunity to express your academic and professional interest in one of 4 geographical hubs: Latin America, China/East Asia, Africa, Europe. Students choosing to complete this section should demonstrate a clear history of academic interest in the hub and will be required to list WPI language and cultural coursework relevant to the hub, share cultural learning experiences, and describe how an IQP in this hub would further their academic goals.
  • Language Ability: You will be asked to describe your language proficiency in languages other than English, including years of study, if applicable. 
  • Essays: You are asked to complete two essay questions. For essay prompts, download the 2024-2025 Off-Campus IQP Application Preview 
  • Academic History: This section is optional and not a scored section of the application. Students who have unique circumstances, or those who have not completed more than one academic year of course work are strongly encouraged to reflect on how your academic transcript reflects your ability to succeed in the preparation for and completion of an off-campus project?
  • Passport: You are asked to indicate if you have a valid passport. (This section is not considered in the application review. It is a survey of applicants to determine if students may need GEO passport assistance.)
  • Preference Survey: You will be required to rate each of the Project Centers as Very Interested, Interested, or Not Interested based on your personal preferences. You must select at least 6 choices in the categories of Very Interested and/or interested, at least 3 of which must be in the Very Interested category. While we require 6 choices, there is no limit to the number of offerings you can include in the categories of Very Interested or Interested. It is important that you understand how the different categories on the preference form interact with your application score and the placement algorithm.
    • 100% of your application score is applied to offerings you put in the Very Interested category
    • Only 50% of your application score is applied to offerings you put in the Interested category
    • Your application score will be zeroed out for all offerings in the Not Interested category
Complete & Submit the Application

The application for an off-campus IQP can be found on eProjects in the Forms Library, or may be accessed through the "Apply Now" button on the program page for each Project Center.  Please remember that you are applying to the Global Projects Program as a whole and not to an individual Project Center. 


Other Steps
Conduct/Academic Review
  • Student Conduct History Response: If a student has had a judicial incident, we will ask you to complete a reflection essay after you have submitted your application. You may also need to meet with the Conduct Review Committee prior to being accepted to the program. 
  • Academic Transcript: We will review transcripts at the close of A term, and may contact students to discuss academic standing.
Placement & Commitment
What Happens Next?

Placements will be announced via email.  Be sure to follow all of the necessary steps to commit to your placement.  All placements are final.



Off-Campus IQP Application Process Newsletter

This is your complete guide to the application process for off-campus IQP project centers in the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Download the Off-Campus IQP Application Process Newsletter.


Off-Campus IQP Placement Newsletter

For Information on IQP placement next steps download the Off-Campus IQP Placement Newsletter


Off-Campus IQP Cost Calculator

Use the Estimated 2024-2025 Program Cost Calculator on our Finances page to determine your estimated costs for the 2024-2025 IQP programs that interest you.



Dates and Deadlines

Meeting deadlines, completing all components of the application on time all contribute to a successful application.

April Supplemental Application Process

4/9/24 -The off-campus IQP application opens.

4/16/24 - Application deadline 12:00 noon.

5/9/24 - Placements announced.

5/16/24 - April process commitment deadline.