Propose Your Own Project

WPI students aren’t limited to selecting a pre-approved project topic—they’re also permitted, and even encouraged, to propose their own ideas for an Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) or Major Qualifying Project (MQP).

For an IQP, the student should identify an issue, problem, or topic that meets the definition of an IQP as described in the WPI undergraduate catalog.

For an MQP, the student should identify a problem or topic that would challenge their competency in their major area of study.

These steps apply for both IQPs and MQPs:

  • Write a paragraph describing the issue, problem, or topic and a goal or result that would be achieved upon completion of the project.
  • Prepare copies.
  • Identify a short list of faculty to approach as potential advisors.
  • Visit each in order of preference. Offer a copy of your idea, and solicit their interest in being your advisor.
  • Repeat as often as needed until a faculty member agrees to be your advisor.
  • Register your project with the Projects & Registrar's Office.

When a WPI faculty member agrees to advise a proposed project, that project is considered approved as meeting the degree requirement for an IQP or MQP, as long as the project is completed successfully as demonstrated by the filing of a Completion of Degree Requirement form.

If you have difficulty securing an advisor, meet with the Administrator of Academic Programs in Boynton Hall to get a recommendation for pursuing other faculty as advisors.