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Ryan Madan

Ryan Smith Madan

Associate Teaching Professor-Arts, Communications, and Humanities
Office: Salisbury Labs 233A
Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6561
When new acquaintances find out I teach writing, it’s not unusual for them to lament a broad decline in the nation’s writing skills. How does it make me feel, they ask, that students, say, don’t know the difference between adjectives and adverbs? Or, can I believe it that people hardly even know what apostrophes do, let alone where to put them? As someone who treasures good, careful prose, I’m sympathetic to these worries. But as an educator, I think it’s important to steer the conversation in a different direction. ... View Profile

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Graduate Tutors

Michael DedekMichael Dedek
PhD in English with a specialization in rhetoric and composition (Northeastern University); B.A. in English and Mathematics (University at Buffalo)
Academic writing experience: business administration, criminal justice, engineering and technical professions, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences.  
Fun fact: I have played guitar since I was 12






Avery HarrisonAvery Harrison
Pursuing a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences & Technologies (LS&T) at WPI; M.S. in LS&T at WPI; B.A. in Psychology from the University of Richmond​
Academic writing experience: Research dissemination in psychology and multiple areas of educational research in the form of journal manuscripts, conference proceedings, etc.; Minor grant-writing experience (internal support, NSF GRFP, etc.)

Hometown: Christiansburg, Virginia  
Fun fact: I love traveling and am trying to visit 30 countries before I turn 30.

Undergraduate Tutors

Shana BonannoShanna Bonanno
Year: Junior
Major: Biomedical Engineering and Professional Writing
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Tissue Engineering
GPS: Heal the World
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Venice B'19
Extracurriculars: Alpha Xi Delta, DanceCrimson, BMES, SWE
Hometown: Methuen, MA
Fun Facts: I have won 4 gold medals at the World Championships for tap dancing in Germany.


Mark BrayMark Bright Bray
Year: Junior
Major: Biomedical Engineering and Professional Writing
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Medicine, Entrepreneurship, and Writing
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Albania B'19
Extracurriculars: Varsity Track and Field, National Society of Black Engineers( Academic Excellence Chair), Engineers without Borders, Engineering Ambassador
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Fun Facts: I have played the alto saxophone for over 7 years.


Jacky CordinJacky Cardin
Year: Junior
Major: Chemical Engineering and Professional Writing
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Materials, Writing
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Upcoming: San Juan, Puerto Rico D'20
Extracurriculars: Varsity Field Hockey
Hometown: Manchester, New Hampshire
Fun Facts: My uncle is Steven Tyler's optometrist


Alexa DavisAlexa Davis
Year: Senior
Major: Biology & Biotechnology, Biochemistry
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Teaching, Peer Learning Assistantship
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Cape Town B'18
Extracurriculars: WPI Marching & Pep Band, Student Alumni Society, Alpha Phi Omega
Hometown: Billerica, MA
Fun Facts: I'm an avid rock climber and hiker! My favorite hikes I've done are the Narrows at Zion National Park in Utah and Cape Point in South Africa While on IQP.


Sonia DeodasSonia Deodas
Year: Junior
Major: Biology & Biotechnology
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Too many to list
HUA Depth: German
IQP: France E'19
Hometown: Norfolk, MA
Fun Facts: I might like Star Wars more than is socially acceptable.


Trevor DowdTrevor Dowd
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Writing
Other Academic Interests: Data Analytics
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Cape Town B’18
Extracurriculars: Men's Varsity Crew
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Fun Facts:  I went to high school down the road from the US Capital building.


Ella ForbesElla Forbes
Year: Junior
Major: Biomedical Engineering 
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Psychology, Professional Writing
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: On campus B, C, D terms of '19
Extracurriculars: ROTC, Men's Rowing, BMES, and EWB
Hometown: Bridgton, ME
Fun Facts: I have hiked 2090 miles of the Appalachian Trail (From Maine to the beginning of Georgia)


Jacqueline ForsonJacqueline Forson
Year: Senior
Major: Biology and Biotechnology
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Molecular Biology, Genetics, Environmental Studies
HUA Depth: English/Writing
IQP: Worcester Project Center, Summer '17
Extracurriculars: Chemistry Club
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Fun Facts: I was granted a Provisional Patent for an assistive writing device that helps relieve pressure in arthritic hands.

Faye GauthierFaye Gauthier
Year: Senior
Major: Architectural Engineering
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: FPE, Writing
HUA Depth: History
IQP: Cape Town B’18
Extracurriculars: Varsity Track & Field, Alpha Xi Delta
Hometown: West Warwick, Rhode Island
Fun Facts: I’ve been throwing (the hammer) competitively since 6th grade. 


Katherine GomesKatherine Gomes
Year: Senior
Major: Professional Writing and Chemical Engineering
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: International Studies, Environmental Science
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Melbourne, C'19
MQP: Renewable Energy Research & Safety Manual Translated into Portuguese (Campinas, Brazil)
Extracurriculars: Cheese Club, Greenhouse & Horticulture Club, Omicron Delta Kappa
Hometown: New Bedford, MA
Fun Facts: Eu falo Portuguêse!


Lauren HandelLauren Handel
Year: Junior
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Business, Writing
GPS: Ignorance is NOT Bliss, PLA for Livable Cities
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Upcoming: Windhoek, Namibia D'20
Extracurriculars: Chi Omega, Art Club, Club Tennis
Hometown: Chatham, MA
Fun Facts: Over the summer I worked in Denver, CO and climbed Mt. Elbert, the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains.


Karen HoKaren Ho
Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychological Sciences, Psychobiology Concentration 
Minor: Chemistry
Other Academic Interests: Pre-Med
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
Extracurriculars: Club Fencing Team, Psych Society (Public Relations Officer), Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs
Hometown: Kingston, MA
Fun Facts: I have a pet betta fish.



Fareya IkramFareya Ikram
Major: Computer Science
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Business, Data Science
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Hangzhou, B'18
Extracurriculars: WICS, Class Board 2020
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Fun Facts: I have family in 6 different states and extended family in 6 different countries.


Ann JichaAnn Jicha
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science and Professional Writing
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Physics
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Albania B'19
Extracurriculars: Debate Team, Association of Computing Machinery
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Fun Facts: I play guitar in a band with friends in my hometown.


Caitlin KuzmaCaitlin Kuzma
Year: Sophomore
Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor: Spanish
Other Academic Interests: Business, Writing
HUA Depth: Spanish
Extracurriculars: Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team, VOX Musical Theatre, Masque
Hometown: Cornish, New Hampshire
Fun Facts: I went to New Zealand for two weeks in high school when my school's winter musical went on tour!


Natasha LeveyNatasha Levey​
Year: Senior
Major: Professional Writing
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Computer Science, Cell Biology and Psychology
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Namibia, D’19
Extracurriculars: APO and Intervarsity
Hometown: North Bellmore, Long Island (but I live in Northborough, MA and I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa)
Fun Facts: I found a missing person during the summer of 2017.


Emma LowryEmma Lowry
Year: Junior
Major: Interactive Media & Game Development
Minor: Psychology
Other Academic Interests: Writing, 3D Modelling
HUA Depth: Art​
IQP: B'19
Extracurriculars: Ice Hockey
Hometown: Framingham, MA
Fun Facts: I can ambidextrously draw Wolverine.



Sahil NawabSahil Nawab
Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry & Professional Writing
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Aviation, Medicine, Rhetoric, Cinematography 
HUA Depth: Writing
IQP: UMassMemorial Medical Center, A'18
Extracurriculars: WPI EMS, Aviation Club
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Fun Facts: I make short films for Admissions!


Madison RyanMadison Ryan
Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Writing
Other Academic Interests: Environmental Studies, Business 
GPS: Ignorance Is Not Bliss
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Melbourne D’19
Extracurriculars: PAWS, Spikeball Club, BMES
Hometown: Adams, MA
Fun Facts: I have a cat, a dog, and a chicken


Sunny ShaidaniSunny Shaidani
Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Writing, Music 
GPS: The World's Water
HUA Depth: Music
IQP: Lyon, France E'19
Extracurriculars: Pep Band, Research Assistant
Hometown: Pelham, New Hampshire
Fun Facts: I am trilingual!


Christopher TocciChristopher Tocci
Year: Junior
Major: Biotechnology & Biology and Professional Writing
Minor: Global Public Health
Other Academic Interests: Medicine, Pathology, Linguistics
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: upcoming: Armenia D'20
Extracurriculars: Student Government Association (SGA), Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, Crimson Key Admissions Tour Guide, Ballroom Dance Team
Hometown: Bridgewater, MA
Fun Facts: I am a beekeeper and a certified Basic EMT. I also love playing the piano and I am currently learning the ukulele.


Katie VasconcelosKatie Vasconcelos
Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry and Professional Writing 
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Psychology, Neurology, Business
HUA Depth: Writing and Rhetoric
IQP: Massachusetts Water Outreach Center D'19
Extracurriculars: Chi Omega, Crimson Key (Tour Guide), American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Hometown: Lakeville, MA
Fun Facts: I saw Kris Jenner, Simon Cowell and Hugh Hefner (and have a picture with him) on a Star Tour in Hollywood.