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  When new acquaintances find out I teach writing, it’s not unusual for them to lament a broad decline in the nation’s writing skills. How does it make me feel, they ask, that students, say, don’t know the difference between adjectives and adverbs? Or, can I believe it that people hardly even know what apostrophes do, let alone where to put them? As someone who treasures good, careful prose, I’m sympathetic to these worries. But as an educator, I think it’s important to steer the conversation in a different direction. What makes us think that students’ knowledge of the parts of speech ...

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Graduate Tutors

Michael DedekMichael Dedek (he/him/his)
Education: PhD in English with a specialization in rhetoric and composition (Northeastern University); B.A. in English and Mathematics (University at Buffalo)
Academic writing experience: business administration, criminal justice, engineering and technical professions, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences.  
Fun fact: I have played guitar since I was 12






Sahil Nawab
Education: MEng Biomedical Engineering (WPI), BS Biochemistry and Professional Writing (WPI)
Academic writing experience: business writing, medical writing, visual rhetoric, application materials
Fun fact: I've worked on kid's books about marine biology (Jonathan Bird's Blue World)






Caitlin KuzmaCaitlin Kuzma (she/her/hers)
Year: MS student
Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor: Spanish
Other Academic Interests: Business, Writing
HUA Depth: Spanish
IQP: Upcoming: Thessaloniki, D‘21
Extracurriculars: Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team, VOX Musical Theatre, Masque
Hometown: Cornish, New Hampshire
Fun Facts: I went to New Zealand for two weeks in high school when my school's winter musical went on tour!

Undergraduate Tutors


Karen HoKaren Ho (she/her/hers)
Year: Senior
Major: Psychological Sciences, Psychobiology Concentration, and Professional Writing 
Minor: Chemistry
Other Academic Interests: Pre-Med
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Melbourne, B'20
Extracurriculars: Psychology Society, Active Minds, SPI & SEED Labs
Hometown: Kingston, MA
Fun Facts: I have a pet betta fish named Beta.


Emily Coughlin (she/her/hers)
Year: Senior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Spanish
Other Academic Interests: Writing
IQP: Copenhagen, D22
Extracurriculars: Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity, Student Alumni Society, ENACTUS, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Hometown: Litchfield, New Hampshire
Fun Facts: I can quote virtually any scene from The Office word for word, I have a dog whose tongue is perpetually stuck out, and I write all my papers in the shower!


Anastasia Mina
Major: Biomedical Engineering and Professional Writing
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Cultural Studies
GPS: Livable Cities
HUA Depth: Intercultural Communication/Writing
IQP: Israel C'22
Extra Curriculars: Society of Women Engineers, Biomedical Engineering Society, Phi Sigma Sigma Women's Fraternity
Hometown: Ashland, MA
Fun Facts: I have performed at Mechanics Hall twice and I have an extra muscle in my left eye!

Caitlin Strzegowski (she/her/hers)
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Engineering
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Chemistry, Writing
GPS: Livable Cities
HUA Depth: Writing
IQP: Thessaloniki, D'22
Extracurriculars: Varsity Soccer, Phi Sigma Sigma
Hometown: East Granby, Connecticut
Fun Facts: I have 2 dogs Henry and Penny!


Michelle Barboza
Year: Senior 
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Writing, Biology 
HUA Depth: Writing
IQP: Ecuador C'21
Extracurriculars: Alpha Phi Women’s Fraternity, ISPE, SWE 
Hometown: Mendon, MA 
Fun Facts: I have a cat (even though I’m allergic to cats)


Maya Liao (she/her/hers)
Year: Junior 
Major: Data Science
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Database Systems and Financial Technology
HUA Depth: Literature and Writing Rhetoric
Extracurriculars: SASE & Data Science Club
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Fun Facts: I have a baby tortoise named 'Gyoza'


Madelyn Marcotte (she/her/hers)
Year: Junior
Major: Data Science
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Professional Writing, Computer Science
GPS: Heal the World (A&B 2020)
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: I have not been accepted to an IQP yet, but I’m interested in going to Melbourne!
Extracurriculars: Data Science Council, Running Club, Outing Club
Hometown: Jackson, NH
Fun Facts: Last summer I spent two weeks camping on the West Coast in a Honda Civic with three other people


Henry Yoder (he/him/his)
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Writing & Rhetoric
Other Academic Interests: Music Composition / Production
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Armenia D'22
Extracurriculars: WPI Radio Club
Hometown: Scarborough, ME
Fun Facts: I have listened to over 750 albums/EPs that have come out this year (so far)

Kayla Brown (she/her/hers)
Year: Senior
Major: Industrial Engineering and Professional Writing
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Operations Management
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
IQP: Copenhagen D'22
Extracurriculars: Alpha Phi, Women’s Club Ice Hockey, SWE
Hometown: Springfield, MA
Fun Facts: I am learning how to crochet!


Michaela Champagne (she/her/hers)
Year: Senior
Major: Psychological Science 
Minor: Biology
Other Academic Interests: Professional Writing, Psychobiology
HUA Depth: Philosophy
IQP: Natick Labs, '21
Extracurriculars: Army ROTC, Metropolitan Ministries, USF Student Government
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Fun Facts: I will be commissioning as an Army Military Intelligence Officer next year!



Grace Yue
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Minor: N/A
Other Academic Interests: Philosophy, Financial Technology, Linguistics, Psychology
GPS: None
HUA Depth: Writing & Rhetoric
Extracurriculars: Tech News, Fencing Club, Psychology Society
Hometown: Des Plaines, IL
Fun Fact: I can recite 120 digits of pi. Aiming to memorize 314 digits in the near future.