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The WrC is all Online in D Term!

Click the link below to see instructions for making an appointment. You'll connect with your tutor in real time via Zoom. Please make sure you have your document as an editable google doc so tutors can read your work along with you. If you're currently out of the country and unable to make an appointment due to your time-zone, email Prof. Madan to arrange special accommodations.

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The mission of the Writing Center is to work interactively with WPI students to improve written, oral, and visual communication. Our trained writing tutors provide individual and group peer tutoring on a range of projects including course papers, presentations, dissertations, and job-related documents. We hope to provide an approachable peer resource for students seeking assistance with their communication projects.

Available Services

All services are free to undergraduate and graduate students.

The Writing Center is directed by Professor Ryan Madan and staffed by 20 peer tutors who have received extensive training in writing and the tutoring of writing.

Individual and Small Group Tutoring

Our trained writing tutors are available to help WPI students with their writing six days a week in one-hour appointments. Any WPI student or group, undergraduate or graduate, may make an appointment to get help with projects, course papers, oral presentations, document design, or personal writing.

Designated Tutoring

WPI course instructors and Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) and Major Qualifying Project (MQP) teams may request a designated tutor to work with students on a regular basis throughout the term. Instructors and students may request designated tutoring by emailing Professor Madan.

The Writing Center is looking for a few good tutors!

If you enjoy writing and helping your fellow students, consider applying to become a writing tutor. This paid position will allow you to make your own hours, meet a range of interesting students, and continue to learn on the job. Scroll down for more details, and email Professor Madan with any questions.

Interested in Becoming a Tutor?

Undergraduate Students

Each year, the Writing Center recruits freshmen, sophomore, and junior level students from all majors to become paid writing tutors in our Center. In order to be eligible to tutor, you need to sign up for the training course offered in A-Term, Teaching Writing. This course is a great opportunity not only to get training for a rewarding position at the Center, but also to improve your own writing. If you do well in this course, you will be invited to join the next year's experienced tutoring staff in the Writing Center.

Teaching Writing (WR 3011) is a writing/rhetoric course offered every other A-Term by the Humanities & Arts Department and taught by Professor Madan. In this hands-on course, students develop effective strategies for planning, drafting, and revising their own writing and learn to respond to other students' communication projects. They also read about the theory and process of writing, observe experienced tutors in the Center, and undergo an apprenticeship working with students who come in for appointments at the Center.

If you have any questions about becoming a tutor, stop by to talk with our current tutors or email Professor Madan. We hope you will consider joining us!

Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in professional development opportunities for teaching, becoming a Teaching Assistant, or tutoring writing in the technical disciplines should contact Professor Madan about training and employment opportunities.