The WPI Intramural Sports Program takes great pride in providing a quality intramural program for the entire campus community. Graduate, undergraduate, faculty, and staff members of the university are welcome to join each and every program.

The philosophy of the program is to provide the participants an opportunity to become involved in a group and / or individual activities for social interaction, physical conditioning, and psychological development. The intramural program is designed to emphasize the importance of having fun in a competitive atmosphere.

Intramurals Rules & Regulations

Only WPI students, faculty and staff are permitted to participate in intramurals. Verification of WPI student status (ID numbers and date of birth) will be confirmed prior to participation.

  • All rosters must be submitted on official roster forms. These can be obtained on-line, or from the Director of Intramurals. Any roster not submitted on the proper form will not be accepted.
  • WPI ID numbers must be submitted along with rosters.
  • A player may compete for one team only.
  • An organization may only submit 2 teams per sport.
  • The WPI Intramural rules for each sport must be followed. Any failure to follow said rules would result in disqualification. Rules will be posted and can be obtained from the Director of Intramurals.
  • More than 2 unexplained no shows by any team will result in disqualification of that team.
  • A varsity athlete may not compete in both intramurals and varsity athletics when their sport is in season; ie, a varsity basketball player may not participate in intramural basketball during basketball season.
  • WPI Intramurals has a no tolerance policy for fighting. In the case of fighting during an intramural game, both teams involved will be disqualified from the tournament.