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Due to heightened restrictions on campus, the Sports & Recreation Center is currently closed. Learn more.

Fall 2020 Updated Guidelines 

The Sports & Recreation Center will be open with limited access and restrictions, and in accordance with all appropriate federal, state, and local guidelines. The facility is open by reservation to students only.

Students should expect: 

  • Reduced availability of equipment and hours of operation
  • An advanced online reservation system is required for use
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols. Fitness equipment will be cleaned repeatedly throughout the day by both users (before and after use of equipment) and recreational staff (after every hour or patron use)
  • Social distancing measures and required use of cloth face coverings.
  • Locker rooms and showers will not be available.

What we need from you to help keep yourself, staff, and others safe:

  • Wipe down equipment before and after each use with provided cleaning supplies.
  • Bring your own mat for any floor exercises or stretching.
  • Bring your own bottle for touchless water bottle filling stations.
  • Practice good personal hygiene.
  • Follow all signs, directions, and instructions.

Not coming to campus? Here are some great resources for either free or inexpensive ways to move at home or in the residence hall to help keep our Herd healthy.

  • Registering to Use the Sports & Recreation Center

    You will sign up online via Fusion and can reserve a single workout zone or cardio equipment. The online-only reservation system allows you to register for a time slot up to 24 hours in advance; no in-person reservations will be permitted. Same day reservations can be made but availability may be limited. Every reservation will be for 60 minutes, with 45 minutes for cleaning to follow each reservation. Each zone will be clearly marked off and you MUST stay in the zone you reserved for your scheduled workout.

    If you need to cancel a reservation, please call the Rec. Center 508-831-5046 in advance of your reserved time slot. Time slots are limited, so your courtesy in this regard is appreciated.

    Reserve your workout time and space onlinereservations will open on August 30.

    How To Manual—to help with signing up.

    You must agree to the following statements to register:

    • I will maintain proper social distancing at all times.
    • I must wear a face covering that covers my nose and mouth at all times.
    • I must clean any equipment I use before and after my use.
    • I will finish my workout and leave the building by the end of my allotted time.

    After signing up online, you will:

    • Arrive at the scheduled time
    • Enter through the main entrance
    • Confirm your registered Workout Zone with recreational staff
    • Proceed through the rightmost turnstile using your ID card
  • Entering and Exiting the Sports & Recreation Center

    To improve safety and monitoring, ONLY the entrance and exit of the Sports & Recreation Center facing the Quadrangle (the Nitsch-Magliozzi Entrance) will be utilized for staff and users with an exception for those needing elevator access. The ADA entrance will be monitored by a Control Desk staff member and staffing at the mezzanine level will be eliminated. The camera system for the mezzanine entrance monitoring is a web-based program, accessible at the Control Desk.

  • Offline Equipment and Space

    Due to the required access restrictions, cleaning protocols, health and safety guidelines, and staffing limitations, the following areas and services will not be available:

    • Equipment Check Out
    • Guest Passes/Visitors
    • Indoor Track
    • Locker Rooms and Day Lockers
    • Memberships (Alumni/Family)
    • Racquetball/Squash Courts
    • Rowing Tank
    • Showers
    • Towel Service
    • Water Fountains/Bubblers (bottle refill will be operational)
    • Kazin Conference Room
    • Fourth Floor Meeting Rooms
    • Robot Pits (storing all furniture, equipment, other)

Sports & Recreation Center Safety Protocols

Athletics Sports & Rec Center - All COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Hours of Operation





Sports & Recreation Center










***Attention: Effective immediately, the WPI Sports & Recreation Center will be CLOSED until further notice.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Available Workout Zones & Cardio Equipment

  • Basketball Courts

    Will follow state guidelines for proper social distancing and usage of the space. Users will need to bring their own basketball as equipment checkout will not be available. Only individual play is currently permitted; no team play is allowed.

  • Dance Studio

    The dance studios (A, B, and C) will have limited occupancy, with two people being allowed per studio. WPI will not supply mats or equipment for use. Patrons will keep 6 feet social distancing as marked on the floor.

  • Pool

    You must pre-register online for pool space and usage; pool reservations will be available on Tuesday, October 6th. These requests must be made the day prior. 

    • All users must arrive in swimwear as changing at the facility will not be permitted. 
    • You will enter via the right stainless door both at the top of the hallway and onto the pool deck. 
    • As you enter, you will be assigned a lane number and wall from the guard stationed at the near entry chair.
    • You will then proceed to the right to place your belongings and disrobe on marked and separated areas along our bench wall. 
    • To meet health code requirements, users must shower before entering the pool; we will utilize the on-deck shower heads.
    • You will bring your own training aides and will take them when you are done (no leaving equipment behind).
    • The unisex bathroom will be unlocked only from the pool entry door.
    • Patrons will be permitted to use the restroom one at a time, and only to use the facility, not to change.
    • Should crowding or numbers become a problem, we will limit the time each patron may use the pool to 50 minutes.

    Additionally, all staff completing work on/in or around the pool will be required to document the work completed, time started, and time finished on a master work log for the pool.

Third Floor

The entry floor is separated into three workout zones areas, numbered 1, 2, and 3 (see specific layouts and equipment below). As many cardio machines as possible were moved to the Mondo floor (larger area, higher ceilings) and treadmills were eliminated as those activities (walking or running) are best accommodated outside, which also allows us to provide more equipment for activities not easily performed outdoors.

A diagram of the cardio equipment in the Sports & Recreation Center.
A diagram of the new cardio equipment layout in the Sports & Recreation Center.
A diagram of the new workout zones in the Sports & Recreation Center.

Fourth Floor

There are three workout zones on the fourth floor (numbered 4, 5, and 6); see specific layouts and equipment below. Equipment was moved to the indoor track, which is also used as an access lane to get to the various zones while meeting social distancing requirements, and allows for more weight circuit machines. As a result, the indoor track is not available for walking/jogging/running as those activities can be accommodated outside. Alternating benches and all tri-fold mats will be removed and stored in the Dance Studio closets. You must bring your own mat.

A diagram of new layouts in the Sports & Recreation Center.
A diagram of new layouts in the Sports & Recreation Center.
A diagram of new layouts in the dance studios of the Sports & Recreation Center.
A diagram of new layouts in the indoor track of the Sports & Recreation Center.
A diagram of new layouts in the Sports & Recreation Center.
A diagram of new layouts in the fourth floor lobby of the Sports & Recreation Center.