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President's IQP Awards

The President's IQP awards are given to student teams whose conception, performance, and presentation of their Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs) have been judged outstanding in focusing on the relationships among science, technology, and the needs of society.


Please join us Friday March 5th 2021
Presentations by the finalists 2020 President’s IQP Awards


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1:30 - Welcome address with WPI President Laurie Leshin and Dean -ad interim Kent Rissmiller

The five teams chosen as finalists from ~60 entries are (in no particular order):

1:45 - Assessing Opportunities to Reduce the Environmental Impacts Of Brewery Waste in Albania
Students: Sarah Boermeester (BME), Marissa Gonzales (BME), Katy Jessop (CM), Griffin St. Onge (ME)
Advisors: Robert Hersh and Robert Kinicki

2:15 - Improving Emergency Preparedness in Monte Verde Costa Rica
Students: Alejandra Garza (CS/IMGD), Dante Knight (CS), Nancy Nguyen (ME), James Witt (CS)
Advisors: R. Creighton Peet and William San Martin

2:45 - Jazz History Database Global Contributor Project
Students: Mikel Matticoli (CS/IMGD), Lucas Varella (CS)
Advisor: Keith Zizza


3:15 - Break

3:30 - Memorialization of the Spaç Labor Camp: An Investigation into Digital Methods
Students: Michael Clements (CS), Leo Gross (ME/ECE), Elizabeth Kirschner (CS/IMGD), Zetta Rajaniemi (PH) 
Advisors: Robert Kinicki and Robert Hersh

4:00 - Using Behavior-Change Strategies to Reduce Littering in Lambeth
Students: Ryan Johnson (CS), Paul Bonarrigo (BE),  Matthew Iaconis (MIS), Brendan McCann (ME) 
Advisors: John Orr and Paul Marrone

The Judges will present the award after a brief break at ~ 4:45pm

The following project received an honorable mention:

Developing a Sustainability Plan for Hammams in Morocco
Students: Payton Bielawski (AREN), Nathan Kaplan (RBE/ME), Brian Preiss (ME), Alyssa Sousa (BME), Rebekah Vernon(CE) 
Advisors: Mohammed El Hamzaoui and Laura Roberts

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2020 President’s IQP Award Finalist Presentations will take place
Friday 5 March 2021

The IGSD would like to thank the faculty committee for its review of the submitted projects and the selection of the finalists.

Browse President's IQP Awards Recipients

Year Recipient Award level Type Details
2020 Alejandra Garza, Dante Knight, Nancy Nguyen, James Witt Finalist Undergraduate

Improving Emergency Preparedness in Monte Verde Costa Rica

WPI Advisors: R.Creighton Peet and William San Martin

2020 Michael Clements, Leo Gross, Elizabeth Kirschner, Zetta Rajaniemi Finalist Undergraduate

Memorialization of the Spaç Labor Camp: An Investigation into Digital Methods

WPI Advisors: Robert Kinicki and Robert Hersh

2020 Mikel Matticoli, Lucas Varella Finalist Undergraduate

Jazz History Database Global Contributor Project

WPI Advisors: Keith Zizza

2020 Ryan Johnson, Paul Bonarrigo, Matthew Iaconis, Brendan McCann Finalist Undergraduate

Using Behavior-Change Strategies to Reduce Littering in Lambeth

WPI Advisors: John Orr and Paul Marrone

2020 Sarah Boermeester, Marissa Gonzales, Katy Jessop, Griffin St. Onge Finalist Undergraduate

Assessing Opportunities to Reduce the Environmental Impacts of Brewery Waste in Albania

WPI Advisors: Robert Hersh and Robert Kinicki

2020 Payton Bielawski, Nathan Kaplan, Brian Preiss, Alyssa Sousa, Rebekah Vernon Honorable Mention Undergraduate

Developing a Sustainability Plan for Hammams in Morocco

WPI Advisors: Mohammed El Hamzaoui and Laura Roberts

2019 Kyle Foley, Walker Christie, Michael Kola and Natasha Honcharik Winner Undergraduate

A Mobile Application for Locating Treatment and Support

WPI Advisors: Thomas Balistrieri

2019 Colin Ancalmo, Hannah Baez, Noah Budris, Alexander Spielman Finalist Undergraduate

Interactive Museum Exhibit Featuring Pueblo Influence on New Mexican Contemporary Architecture

WPI Advisor: Lauren Mathews

2019 Ellen Clarrissimeaux, Sawnaz Shaidani, Emily Staknis, Jeremiah Valero Araujo Finalist Undergraduate

Creating Methods for SINGA Lyon to Determine and Demonstrate their Impact

WPI Advisors: Peter Hansen and Fabienne Miller

2019 Olivia Gibbs, Samantha Lor, Ariana Rozen, Gavin Sabol Finalist Undergraduate

Upper Primary Science Curriculum Development for Physically Active Youth

WPI Advisors: Joseph Doiron and Bethel Eddy

2019 Sarat Buasai, Benen ElShakhs, Brian Kelsey, Monica leigh Whitehorn Finalist Undergraduate

The Development of an Interactive Data Portal for Rural Electrification in Namibia

WPI Advisors: Joseph Doiron and Bethel Eddy

2018 Kylie Dickinson, Donald Dione, Sarah St. Pierre, Tyler Weiss Winner Undergraduate

Reducing Flood Risk in Shkodra Through Community Engagement

Advisors: Leslie Dodson and Robert Hersh

2018 Sierra Palmer, Glenndon McCormick, Nico Fabbrini, Utkrisht Dhankar, Archit Kumar, Rushil Singhal First Runner Up Undergraduate

Developing Drowsy Driving Mitigation Strategies for Himachal Pradesh

WPI Advisors: Ingrid Shockey and Seth Tuler
IIT Advisor: Dr. Varun Dutt

2018 Erik Langberg, Thomas Mackintosh, Stephanie Marcucci, Eli Skeggs Finalist Undergraduate

Weighing Perceived Values of Tinguely's Sculptures Against Technically Advanced Conservation

Advisors: Daniel DiMassa

2018 Ryan Herrmann, Fang Han, Morgan DeAngelis, Dasia Aldarondo Finalist Undergraduate

Exploring Community Perceptions of Rural Wastewater Treatment Development:  A Case Study on Kamenicë, Korçë

Advisors: Leslie Dodson and Robert Hersh

2018 Talon Boie, Kerry Muenchow, Theodore Vangos, Kelly Vodola Finalist Undergraduate

Designing a Sustainable Water Supply Network for El Cuerpo de Bomberos Training Practices

Advisors: James Chiarelli and Stephen McCauley

2017 Alexander Alvarez, Julia Dunn, Katharine Dunphy, Alexander Lemmon Winner Undergraduate

"Improving Eye Care Delivery Through Data Sharing Technology"

Advisors: Michael Aghajanian and Diran Apelian

2017 William Bennett, Emily Chretien, Sophia Gomarlo, Peter Hurley Winner Undergraduate

"A Recommended Recycling Processing System for the Informal Waste Collectors of Oshakati, Namibia"

Advisors: Robert Kinicki and Sarah Wodin-Schwartz

2017 Alex Legere, Anthony Perullo, Amy Toscano, Justin Waters Finalist Undergraduate

"Stormwater Management Educational Materials for Central Massachusetts Municipalities"

Advisors: Corey Denenberg Dehner and Purvi Shah

2017 Andrea Bayas, Maura Buckley, Cierra Ford, Javier Lawes Finalist Undergraduate

"A Citizen Science Platform for Long-Term Monitoring of Microplastic Pollution in Port Phillip Bay"

Advisors: Stephen McCauley and William Michalson

2017 Nick Bograd, Brett Carbonneau, Alexander Krasa, Benjamin Preston Finalist Undergraduate

"Northborough Composting: A Peri-Urban Land Conflict"

Advisors: Corey Denenberg Dehner and Derren Rosbach

2016 Natalie Diltz, Jena Mazzucco, Austin Scott, Jeffrey Sirocki Winner Undergraduate

"Stakeholder Student: Resource Management of Wairarapa Moana"

Advisors: Professors Bethel Eddy and Robert Kinicki

2016 Edward Dring, Victoria Johnson, Jacob Maalouf First Runner Up Undergraduate

"Improving Healthcare Coordination in the Mandi District"

ITT Mandi Students: Gopal Aggarwal, Naman Gupta

Advisors: Drs. S. McCauley, Ingrid Shockey, Varun Dutt & R. Padmanabhan

2016 Cara Bereznai, Bryce Kaw-Uh, Benjamin Parent, Catherine Souza Finalist Undergraduate

"Examining the Development of Nature-Urban Routes in San Jose, Costa Rica"

Advisors: Professors Melissa Belz and Derren Rosbach

2016 Everett Baker, Tyler Bennett, James Mosteller, John Williams Finalist Undergraduate

"Evaluating the Need for a Consumer Focused Smoke Alarm Performance System"

Advisors: Professors Fred Looft and Briggitte Servatius

2016 Megan Belval, Naumilda Como, Cameron Jones, Conrad Ruiz Finalist Undergraduate

"Preventing Violence Against Women: Training Resources to Empower the Broadmeadows Community"

Advisors: Professors Holly Ault and James Hanlan

2016 Eric Fast, Mary Prescott, Talia Solomon, Meghan Trahan Honorable Mention Undergraduate

"Alternative Water Treatment: Designing a floating island that integrates social & technical elements at American Farm School, Thessaloniki, Greece"

Advisors: Professors Nicola Bulled, and Robert Hersh

2015 Christina Noyes, Samantha Ervin, Julia LaValley, Jacob Mercier, Jonathan Mirabito Winner Undergraduate

Project Name: Building Hope: Empowerment through Improving Facilities at the Sizakuyenza Safe House
Advisors: Professors Scott Jiusto and Stephen McCauley  

2015 Connor Gillespie, Brien Hard, Casey Rota, Saloni Sachar First Runner Up Undergraduate

Project Title: Lighting the Way to Fire Safety: Reducing Fire Risk in Namibia's Informal Sector Housing
Advisors: Professors Holly Ault and Tom Robertson


2015 John Cotter, Victor Hu, Alejandro Miranda, Hannah Reinertsen Finalist Undergraduate

Evaluation of the Feasibility of Establishing a Waste Collection Facility to Serve the Community of Cantera

2015 Joseph Hill, Hailey Cambra, David Knutson, Sunny Sang Nguyen Finalist Undergraduate

A Case Study in Costa Rica: The Impacts of Refrigerants

Advisors: Professors Aarti Madan and Ryan Madan

2015 Mitchell Lentz, Alejandro Leiro, Luis Diego Paredes Finalist Undergraduate

Assessing Gharats of the Kamand Valley-IQP India

Indian Institute of Technology Students: Aman Agrawal, Aman Garg
WPI Advisors: Professors Lorraine Higgins and Ingrid Shockey

Indian Institute of Technology Professors: Dr. Aditi Halder and Dr. Prasun Jana  

2015 Abigail M DaBoil-Lavoie, Jacquelyn M Fanning, Fernando Galvez, Richard E Thyden Honorable Mention Undergraduate

Developing a Mentorship Program Between Al Akhawayn University and the Rita Zniber Foundation Orphanage 

Advisor: Professor Frederick Hart


2015 Kevin Ackerman, John Colfer Honorable Mention Undergraduate

A Bicycle Share Plan for Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Advisors: Professors Kristin Boudreau and Richard Vaz  

2014 Bror Axelsson, Jaclyn DeCristoforo, Kyla Rodger, Aida Waller Finalist Undergraduate

"Worcester Earn-A-Bike: Creating an Adaptive Bicycle"

Advisors: Corey Dehner and Stephen McCauley

2014 Kanv Garg, Sampath Kumar, Brianna Mikolich, Fiona Ogren, Justin Rice, Mahesh Yadav Finalist Undergraduate

"Implications of Introducing the IIT Mandi to the Rural Kamand Region"

Advisors: Ingrid Shockey, Rajeshwari Dutt (Indian Institute of Technology Mandi Advisor)

2014 Matthew Jackson, Thomas Kostelak, Leah Pervere, Sarah Quatieri Finalist Undergraduate

"Development of the Inspire Engineering Mentoring Program"

Advisors: Laureen Elgert and Scott Jiusto

2014 Sawin Areepipatkul, Marc Gelin, Nathan Longnecker, Phornphit Manageracharath, Laura Pumphrey, Corre Steele, Nontach Thanawatyanyong Finalist Undergraduate

"Development and Initiation of Sustainable Wastewater Management in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand"

Advisors: Creighton Peet, Gary Pollice, Patchanita Thamyongkit (Chulalongkorn University Advisor)

2014 Shiv Sankar Baishya, Alyssa Bornstein, Shoubhik Debnath, Jan Keleher, Suraj Malode, Lena Pafumi, Sachin Saini Finalist Undergraduate

"Proposal for Traffic Congestion Alleviation in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India"

Advisors: Ingrid Shockey, Arti Kashyap (Indian Institute of Technology Mandi Advisor)

2014 Anne Jacobsen, Malick Kelly, Logan Roche, Evan White Honorable Mention Undergraduate

"Recycling by Bicycle: A Green Alternative to Expand Recycling and Create Jobs in Windhoek"

Melissa Belz and Robert Hersh

2014 Lucine Bahtiarian, Tyler Collins, Kathering Connors, Zachary Goddard Honorable Mention Undergraduate

"Maitland Garden Village Perseverance Park Redevelopment"

Advisors: Lorraine Higgins and Scott Jiusto

2012 Adam Cadwallader, Victoria Hewey, Evren Simsek, Santiago Isaza Finalist Undergraduate

"Supporting Urban Beekeeping Livelihood Strategies in Cape Town"

Advisors: Scott Jiusto and Steve Taylor 

2012 Donal Boyd, Brennan Ashton, Lauren Bisacky, Jesscia Lopez Finalist Undergraduate

"Lights on the Horizon: A Socioeconomic Impact Evaluation of Rural Electrification in Tsumkwe, Namibia"

Advisors: Svetlana Nikitina and Thomas Robertson

2012 Jonathan Cline, Emily Domingue, Emily Fournier, Marco Villar Finalist Undergraduate

"Sustainable Paper Insulation for Kambashus in Informal Settlements of Namibia"

Advisors: Svetlana Nikitina and Thomas Robertson

2012 Kassondra Hickey, Xavier Miller, Richard Valdes, Frank Bruton Finalist Undergraduate

"Designing a Water Quality Monitoring Plan for El Yunque National Forest"

Advisors: Aarti Madan and Creighton Peet

2012 Sarah Bober, Devin Harrison, Rachel Hickcox, Chelsea Miller, Collaborating Thai students: Gun Charoensiri, Suthamma Sa-nguankulchai, Piyada Sutthanusorn Finalist Undergraduate

"Heat Impacts on Occupational Health: A Comparison Between Agricultural and Industrial Settings in the Time of Climate Change"

Advisors: Ingrid Shockey, and Bland Addison

2011 Valerie Anne Boutin, Caitlin Elyse Butler, Samuel James Kesseli, Mary Clare McCorry First Place Undergraduate

"Improving Water and Sanitation in Rural Namibian Communities"

Advisors: I. Shockey and U. Brisson

2010 Chelsea C. Sheehan, Heidi P. Robertson First Place Undergraduate

"Evaluating ‘Business Opportunities with Solar Energy in Un-Electrified Areas’ in Namibia"

Advisors:  R. Ludwig and S. Nikitina

2010 Blake A. Kelly, Melanie K. Donahue, Joshua D. Matte Second Place Undergraduate

"Designing a Water and Sanitation Centre Prototype for Monwabisi Park, Cape Town"

Advisors: S. Jiusto and J. Petruccelli

2010 Elizabeth L. Casey, Michael A. Ciampa, Cailah S. DeRoo Second Place Undergraduate

"Designing Safe Playgrounds for the Klong Toey Community"

Advisors:  T. Robertson and B. Servatius