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The BRT is not a judicial group with the ability to adjudicate, but rather, a coordinated network of support to WPI’s formal reporting channels.

Bias Response Team

The role of the Bias Response Team (BRT) is to foster an equitable, inclusive, and anti-oppressive climate at WPI by playing an active role in addressing (response and referral) bias incidents when they occur and preventing their reoccurrence. Incidents of bias are first reviewed by the co-chairs, and then a BRT designee or team to provide outreach and support. The BRT tracks incidents as they occur and records action items and outcomes.

Leadership & Membership

  • Interim, Title IX Coordinator 
  • Kathryn Keyes, HR Partner Designee; Senior Talent and Human Resources Partner 
  • Arnold Lane, Interim Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs Designee
  • Colleen Callahan-Panday, Director of International Student Life Designee  
  • Amy Curran, Director, Office of Accessibility Services Designee 
  • Catherine Whittington, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering 
  • Lisa Stoddard, Associate Teaching Professor, Social Science & Policy Studies

Bias Advisory Council

The Bias Advisory Council (BAC) is composed of the BRT co-chairs, the Vice President of Talent & Inclusion & Chief Diversity Officer, and the Vice President for Student Affairs. Through this role, these two vice presidents will serve as liaisons to university senior leadership, as needed.  Additionally, an Alumni Liaison from the Alumni of Color Association (ACA) will offer their guidance on related community-wide BRT incidents/impacts based on their experience as a WPI student.