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What do you need to know by October 1, 2018? This list is an "at-a-glance" overview. Scroll down for training sessions on these topics. Training is currently lecture style; hands-on will be available in the coming weeks. Italics = this topic is not yet available.  See the Workday FAQs page for links to training material. Questions? Contact

If you are... you need to know how to...
employed by WPI submit an expense report (to reimburse you for out-of-pocket purchases), view your payslip, view your personal and contact information
a manager (including student workers) approve timesheets and absence requests
an hourly (non-exempt or union) employee submit timesheets and absence requests
a salaried (exempt) employee (not including faculty) submit absence requests
a student worker submit timesheets (can also submit expense reports for personal reimbursement)
managing a budget (including student treasurers) view balances, approve charges
a principal investigator (PI) view grant balances, approve grant charges, submit effort certification
hire student workers, staff, or faculty or request access for non-employees use the hiring process (replaces EPAF)
a Pcard holder submit an expense report (replaces BoA Works)
a purchaser (using POs or connected supplier websites) use the procurement process (replaces STARS)
someone who receives invoices to pay (without using a PO) submit an invoice for payment

Note: This does not cover every role at WPI, but is intended as an overview. Questions? Contact

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