Mock Registration: Try Out Workday Student


Enterprise Transformation

Mock registration is a "dress rehearsal" opportunity for the WPI community to try out Workday Student through zoom sessions.

Mock registration occurs over the week of Nov. 16-20 by zoom, and involves students, faculty, and staff engaging in common tasks related to registration, plus grading (see Sample Activities below). The total time commitment is ~2 hours.

If we cannot accommodate you in mock registration (sign up by Nov. 6), user acceptance testing (UAT) will follow, and of course, hands-on training.

Please sign up to join us and explore Workday Student for either mock registration and/or testing!

Sample Activities

  • Advisors review student records and create academic plans
  • Students build saved schedules for registration, advisors view saved schedules, students adjust saved schedules
  • Holds are placed on students; students cannot register, then holds are removed
  • Students register from saved schedules, academic plans, and directly from course sections
  • Some students are waitlisted, faculty view waitlists, students are offered class, some accept, some drop
  • Students drop some classes, add others
  • Faculty grade students, students view grades