Academic Integrity

The Importance of Academic Integrity 

Academic integrity speaks directly to student honesty, responsibility and respect for scholarship. Academic assignments and tests help students learn course content, while grades show how fully this goal is achieved. Coursework and associated grades should be the result of the student's own understanding of academic content, as well as demonstrated effort and achievement.

How does WPI support Academic Integrity? 

As a community of scholars, WPI prides itself on maintaining the highest level of academic integrity. WPI articulates this core value through the Student Code of Conduct. Students, faculty and administrative staff are expected to be familiar with the tenets of the Academic Honesty Policy as well as with the associated procedures for determining and responding to acts of academic dishonesty.

Toward this end, the Dean of Students Office, which is charged with developing and articulating policies and procedures associated with WPI's conduct system, has developed this web site as a resource for faculty and students to:

  1. Learn about What Constitutes Academic Dishonesty
  2. Look at Academic Integrity Resolution Forms and Faculty & Student Resources 
  3. Consider Practices that Discourage Academic Dishonesty in the Classroom.

This webpage adapts information from the University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus, Harvard University, and other colleges and universities.