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Beswick Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Business School

I love teaching entrepreneurship because of the amazing innovations that students ideate and then create businesses around. I like the quote attributed to both Homer (the philosopher, not the father of Bart) and Steve Jobs, "The journey is the reward." I'm honored to be able to guide the WPI students through their journeys of not only learning about business ownership, but also actually building something - whether it’s a prototype, a minimally viable product (MVP) or a company. Being in a university setting provides students with a safety net to fail fast and pivot their ideas. No ...

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Luis Kleinknecht

PhD Candidate, The Business School

Luis Jimenez Castillo is a PhD Student focusing on Family Business. His research interests are Internationalization, Strategy and Corporate Governance. Before pursuing his degree at WPI, Luis was a faculty member at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico where he was also a member of the Advisory Board of the Family Business Management Bachelor’s Program. View Profile