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Do you want to change the world? We do. Worcester Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1865 to create and convey the latest science and engineering knowledge in ways that are most beneficial to society. In 1949, in recognition of the important role that businesses play in that process, WPI created the School of Industrial Management, today known as the Foisie Business School. Businesses are the predominant way in which STEM advances benefit society. That is, beneficial deployment of STEM advances requires individuals working together in an organization. Modern STEM-driven businesses are complex and differ from other businesses. The FBS helps STEM professionals learn to navigate and lead these complex STEM-driven organizations in ways that accelerate their impact. Are you intrigued? Our graduate and undergraduate admissions teams would be happy to talk with you.  Steven S. Taylor



Steven S. Taylor

Steven S. Taylor

Professor & Interim Dean
Office: Washburn Shops 215
Phone: +1-508-831-5557
My research is focused in two areas: Organizational aesthetics takes seriously the idea that management is as much an art as it is a science, and applies art-based scholarship and practice to management and organizations. Reflective practice is the ability to analyze our own actions and learn from that how to be more effective, ethical, and artful as managers and leaders. At the heart of my work as a researcher and teacher, is my own practice as a playwright. My plays have been performed in England, France, Poland, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, and the USA. ... View Profile
Diane M. Strong

Diane M. Strong

Professor & Interim Dept Head
Office: Washburn Shops 219
Phone: +1-508-831-5573
WPI provides an environment that values both teaching and research, which is ideal for me. I enjoy teaching at WPI because students are interested in learning and willing to work hard. My teaching focuses on how business, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations can best use computing technologies, such as database systems, electronic health records systems, and mobile apps. Students in my classes learn to design computing applications that meet the needs of organizations. ... View Profile
Brent E. French

Brent E. French

Executive Director of Finance & Operations
Adjunct Teaching Professor
Office: Gateway 2 at 50 Prescott Street, 1311
Phone: 508 831 5792, +1-508-831-5792
Brent manages the $8M FBS budget and operations for 40+ people assigned to the School.  He’s a WPI grad (MBA, 2006) and teaches organizational behavior and leadership. Brent retired from the Air Force as a Colonel after 27 years of active and reserve service. Highlights include three tours in/around Afghanistan, command of a 450-person security squadron, and staff tours at AFSOC, USAF HQ, and with SECDEF. Formerly an Associate Professor at the Naval War College, Brent also spent 16 years working in a Fortune 500 information technology firm. View Profile
Melissa Terrio

Melissa Terrio

Dir of Grad Recruitment & Adm
Phone: 508-831-6345

Melissa is responsible for all recruiting and admissions activities for the graduate programs at the Foisie Business School. With over twenty years of experience in recruiting and admissions Melissa has worked at universities across the United States and in France.

Melissa holds an MEd from Northeastern University and a BA in History and French from Boston University.

Sandra Wellinghoff

Sandra Wellinghoff

Director Blended Learning BUS
Phone: 508-831-5906

Sandy directs WPI's MBA program and all things associated with the MBA including course sequencing, faculty scheduling, blended course residencies and value-added programming. Sandy also heads up outreach to WPI undergrads re BS/MS opportunities in the FBS.

Office: Gateway 2 at 50 Prescott

Norman Wilkinson

Norman Wilkinson

Executive Director
Phone: 508-831-5218, 508-831-5957

Norm oversees all things related to FBS programs, including course scheduling, faculty deployment, and program design. Norm also serves as a counselor to all FBS students.

Norm has a J.D. from the University of Connecticut; an M.A. in Political Science from Syracuse University; and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Maine.

Office: Washburn 215

Erin Wickman

Erin Wickman

Asst to Dean School ofBusiness
Phone: 508-831-5918

Serves as assistant to the Dean of the Foisie Business School and also provides administrative support to the Director of Collaborative of Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the Technical Advisor Network.

Erin's previous work experience includes event planning, technical publishing and graphic design, human resources, marketing, hospitality and disaster services for the American Red Cross National Headquarters.