Graduate Internship Reports

All students engaging in a credit-bearing graduate business internship (BUS5900) are required to submit a written report at least seven days prior to the last day of the semester within which the internship took place.  

Students should submit a report for each semester (fall, spring, summer) in which they are working in an internship, even if they are spending multiple semesters in the same internship.

Internship reports should include:

  • Company name, and which semester(s) you have worked, or plan to work, with the company.
  • Short background of the company.
  • A description of your responsibilities within the internship (what you did; who you reported to; what you accomplished).  You might discuss specific projects that you worked on, or what a typical day was like, and the different people you interacted with and what you learned from those interactions.
  • A discussion of how what you have learned in your WPI program contributed to your internship, including anything you believe should be added to your WPI program, and how this internship experience might help you in the future.  
  • Internship reports should be three to five pages in length, double-spaced, 12-pt font. 

If you are spending multiple semesters in the same internship, each internship report can be a 1-2 page update from the prior report. 

Students enrolled in zero-credit internships are not required to submit a report and will receive a grade of “P” (Pass).


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