Susan Celia Roberts

Professor & Dept Head

Department Head

Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall, 125

To me there is nothing more exciting than watching a student learn and develop and there is no greater privilege than having the title of professor. My favorite part of my job is being able to mentor and teach students in a research context – be that in a biochemical engineering course or laboratory, through supervising undergraduate IQP/MQP projects or by advising doctoral students in their thesis work. There is no greater satisfaction than to watch a timid, insecure student gain confidence through knowledge and practice. ... View Profile

Terri Anne Camesano

Prof & Dean of Grad Studies

Professor of Chemical Engineering

Office of the Provost

Office: Office of the Provost

Phone: 508-831-5380

William M. Clark

Associate Professor

Associate Department Head

Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall 124

Phone: 508-831-5259

To me, there is nothing better than struggling with a problem and then finally understanding and solving it. I enjoy teaching the chemical engineering students at WPI, because most of them also like the thrill that occurs when seemingly complicated problems start to make sense. I particularly enjoy teaching our unit operations laboratory class, where students get hands-on experience with process equipment. ... View Profile

Ravindra Datta


Director, Fuel Cell Center

Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall 014 A

Phone: 508-831-6036

I happened upon teaching and research by accident. I had gone to the University of California, Santa Barbara, for a MS in chemical engineering, with the intention of returning to my engineering job at Larsen Toubro, Bombay. Research hooked me, however, and I stayed on for a PhD, and, in fact, never left academia after that. Indeed, my world has remained virtually unchanged over the last three decades, continuing to work on applying the principles of kinetics, catalysis, and reaction engineering to energy challenges, surrounded by bright young people eager to do the same. ... View Profile

N Aaron Deskins

Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall 119

Phone: 508-831-5445

Students here at WPI have a lot of enthusiasm and ambition, and it certainly is contagious. Teaching brings a lot of joy because of this, and I find myself often trying just to keep up with the students! WPI is also a place where you have a chance to collaborate with people of many different backgrounds and technical interests. This is exciting. For my research, I work in the area of molecular modeling: trying to understand and solve energy and environmental problems using high-powered computer simulations. ... View Profile

David DiBiasio

Associate Professor

Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall 122

Phone: 508-831-5250, 508-831-5372

My research involves educational scholarship: investigating how students learn chemical engineering and how the curriculum can be modified to optimize learning. That includes understanding learning in hands-on labs compared to virtual or remotely operated labs; learning in international contexts; and how safety, ethics, and social responsibility can be effectively integrated into the chemical engineering curriculum. WPI is a great place to conduct this type of work because of our project-based program, our extensive Global Projects Program, and our philosophy of student-centered learning. View Profile

Anthony G. Dixon


Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall 224A

Phone: 508-831-5350

My research is in the general area of reaction engineering and energy, in particular steam reforming and hydrogen production. A strong component of this work is the use of scientific computing methods to investigate transport and reaction in chemical reactors and porous media. ... View Profile

Nikolaos K. Kazantzis


Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall, 224A

Phone: 508-831-5666

I believe strongly in the primacy of the quality of the student-teacher relationship, its mutually precious intellectual and emotional rewards, and its key role in the attainment of educational objectives such as the development of the student's critical thinking, the capacity for self-exploration, and independence of judgment. Furthermore, at WPI both undergraduate and graduate curricula are creatively designed to highlight the many nuanced forms and features of the inherently complex, value conflict-laden and contextually rich interaction between science, technology, culture, and society. ... View Profile

Stephen J. Kmiotek

Professor of Practice

Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall 120

Phone: 508-831-4870

As a Professor of Practice, my focus is to bring my 30 years of experience in the chemical and environmental industries to the undergraduate classes.  My focus through most of my career has been on Chemical Process Safety, Environmental, Health and Safety, and, Air Pollution Engineering.  These fields draw on virtually every part of chemical engineering, including transport phenomena, thermodynamics, and reaction kinetics.  They also draw very heavily on legal documents, particularly governmental regulations and technical design standards, so I have often worked in multidisciplinary teams invo ... View Profile

Amy M. Peterson

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

Office: Life Sciences & Bioengineering Center, Gateway Park I: GP4002

I am excited to be at WPI! I value the focus on project-based learning and I really enjoy mentoring students in the lab and in the classroom. I teach CHE 2014 and have taught graduate level electives in polymer composites and polyelectrolytes, as well as graduate level reactor design. I really enjoy advising MQP teams, and many of my teams have won awards at WPI and externally. ... View Profile

Andrew R. Teixeira

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall 014B

Andrew is a classically trained chemical engineering with with specialties in the fields of chemical reaction engineering and materials science. He received his B.S. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2009, and continued to pursue his Ph.D. with Professor Dauenhauer at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2014, before finally completing his postdoctoral studies with Professor Jensen at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016 when he joined the department of chemical engineering here at WPI. ... View Profile

Michael T. Timko

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

Office: Goddard Hall 123

Phone: 508-831-4101

Sharing that “ah hah” moment with a student struggling and suddenly mastering a difficult concept; helping expand the intellectual horizons of an aspiring engineer; tackling and solving problems that challenge the energy, economic, and environmental security with passionate students; sharing my passion for engineering science: these are the reasons that I am a professor of chemical engineering. WPI students understand the importance of translating their engineering talents into technologies and knowledge that benefit others. ... View Profile

Eric M. Young

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

Office: GP4037, Life Sciences & Bioengineering Center, Gateway Park

My research focuses on applying chemical engineering tenets to designing biology; specifically, rewiring the metabolism of yeasts and fungi to produce interesting molecules. By treating these cells as "chemical factories," we can approach and solve problems from a chemical engineer's point of view. We use techniques from metabolic engineering, protein engineering, synthetic biology, and bioinformatics to rewire yeasts faster and more effectively. In the classroom, I am excited to train students within the unique project-based plan at WPI. ... View Profile

Hong Susan Zhou

Associate Professor

Director, Shanghai Project Center

Chemical Engineering

Office: Gateway Park 4001

Phone: 508-831-5275

My research interests are in microfabrication and nanotechnology for biomedical, energy, and environmental applications. Our current research interests are Aptamer and Gold Nanoparticles (Au NPs)–based biosensors. Rapid development of microanalytical devices has provided convenience and capability for disease diagnosis, drug screening, or forensic applications. ... View Profile

Walter Peter Zurawsky

Associate Teaching Professor

Chemical Engineering


Thomas Partington

Machine Shop/Lab Manager

Chemical Engineering

Tiffany Royal

Administrative Assistant V

Chemical Engineering

Phone: 508-831-5250


Felicia Vidito

Administrative Assistant VI

Chemical Engineering

Phone: 508-831-5250

Douglas White

Electronics Engineer

Chemical Engineering

Phone: 508-831-5832