Major Qualifying Project

WPI’s Major Qualifying Projects (MQP) in the Cybersecurity program are designed so that you can experience the real-world problem solving that will soon characterize your professional career. The department’s projects augment faculty’s on-going research initiatives, and some are completed in projects centers nearby and around the world:

  • Silicon Valley
  • Budapest
  • Japan Project Center
  • Wall Street
  • Microsoft-Cambridge
  • MITRE-Bedford
  • MIT Lincoln Laboratory-Lexington

An Identification System for Head Mounted Displays

Personalized devices often require a form of user identification to provide customized performance and rudimentary privacy. The new and growing industry of head mounted displays, such as Google Glass, requires a method to identify users to increase customizability and usability of such devices. This MQP introduced a system that identifies users with 98% accuracy based on blink behavior, head position, and head movement.

Wearable Honeypots

Wearable embedded devices are in common use in the medical industry; however, they don't yet have many security standards. To prevent scenarios that involve unauthorized sources intruding on a device, this MQP sought to devise and implement a wearable honeypot as a secure, lightweight (in terms of resource usage) addition to medical devices to add security to a BAN (Body Area Network).