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Graduate Qualifying Project (GQP)

MS Degree Requirement

All students in their final semester of the data science MS program complete a capstone experience that allows them to put their acquired data science and analytics skills to use as they work on a real-world problem facing a sponsoring company or organization.

In the spirit of WPI's forward-looking, project-based education, the Graduate Qualifying Project (GQP) allows students to work on an authentic project for a sponsor. Under the direction and guidance of WPI’s world-class data science faculty, teams of three or four students use sponsor-supplied data for analysis and data science tools to develop and advance solutions for the sponsors in a wide range of project scenarios.

This project-experience allows students who have completed 24 credits of intensive data science graduate credits to integrate theory and practice using their problem-solving capabilities, applying data science and analytics skills to a real-world problem faced by a business or organization. 

GQP students use comprehensive data science skills such as computer programming, artificial intelligence, data cleaning, machine learning and deep learning, big data management, statistics, cloud computing, and visualization. They use industry-standard analytical software tools appropriate for the project to tackle the given challenges.

As of Fall 2023, 500+ students have engaged in 100+ projects by 40+ industry partners over the past 9 years. 

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Student Spotlight

Hear from our WPI DS Master's Students

DS_Snehith Varma Datla

Snehith Varma Datla

After completing my bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering (ECE), I began to explore various career opportunities. I quickly determined that pursuing a master’s in data science would allow me to add the needed skill set to excel in industry. The Data Science Program at WPI allowed me to build a strong technical skill in Machine Learning (ML) & Natural Language Processing (NLP). It also developed the right mindset to think & act like a data scientist, preparing me for real-world data science challenges. The GQP experience introduced me to the complexity of real-world data. I also learned how to think from a business perspective on how a project can be utilized for improving customer service, thus affecting the bottom line of a company. With this, I have gained strong confidence that I’m ready to solve problems. I always wanted to become a data scientist, and I’m excited to have achieved my dream. My advice to students is to always take challenging projects. Do not fear the difficulty. At any point in time during your project, be willing to learn what is required for your project to get accomplished – as this is how we learn and grow as a professional.

DS_Jasmine Laber

Jasmine Laber

At WPI, I first pursued my bachelor’s degree in data science, later choosing to pursue the BS/MS program to obtain a master’s degree in data science as well. By pursuing my master’s degree and being able to apply my knowledge in my GQP project, I was able to see how my technical skills applied to a real-life business problem. Working on my GQP project not only helped me apply my data science knowledge, but it also allowed me to improve my project management skills and effectively communicate with sponsors. I will be starting my role as a Tech Associate in the Tech, Data, Analytics, Cyber, and Operations Leadership Development Program at The Hartford at the end of January. In this position, I will get the chance to rotate through different data science and data engineering roles, as well as continue to develop my leadership skills. If I could give any advice to incoming data science students, I would say don’t be afraid to ask for help and always be curious about new techniques as data science is an exciting ever-growing field and no one has all the answers.

DS_William Burke

William Burke

I pursued a BS degree at WPI in Computer Science, and an MS degree in Data Science – all in 5 years.  The Data Science program has given me the freedom, motivation, and support to develop my own skill set, which resulted in a sense of ownership over the experiences and interests that I'll carry into my professional career. To me, GQP was a "final checkpoint" where I was able to apply the technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal skills I have been building throughout the entirety of the program. Personally, the unique takeaways from this experience for me were the ability to collaborate with amazing mentors and exposure to solving real business problems. I’m now ready for my professional career, starting with the Fidelity Investments’ LEAP program. I like to embrace the idea that I can't predict what the future holds, so I'm driven to tackle a variety of challenges no matter what position and company I'm a part of! The biggest piece of advice I'd give to students starting the program is to seek out challenges that serve a purpose for you and prioritize those. I advise you to maintain and reach out to people in your network, friends, colleagues, partners, mentors, like-minded people for a conversation, which is fulfilling, effective, and beneficial for securing a position.