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The amount of sensitive information kept and communicated digitally is rising at an exponential rate. This brings along serious threats to the security and privacy of sensitive personal information. ECE Faculty are at the forefront of research in improving the security and privacy of the infrastructure. Our cybersecurity research includes, assurance of security of hardware platforms used in personal computing, e.g. mobile as well as in cloud platforms, assurance in cyberphysical systems, and securing cryptographic algorithms.

Associated Faculty

Vernam Group

Vernam is a Research Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity and Hardware Security in the New England area. A group of eight faculty and their students tackle advanced research challenges across the systems stack.​

Vernam, a 1914 WPI graduate, to make the world a more secure and trustworthy cyberplace.​​

Research Areas

  • Secure Control of Cyberphysical Systems​
  • Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms​
  • Side-Channel Cryptanalysis 
  • Network Security​
  • Embedded Security Design​
  • Physical Security

Berk Sunar
AK 302 

Patrick Schaumont

Shahin Tajik

Fatemah Ganji

Yarkin Doroz

Koksal Mus



Andrew Clark

Secure Cyber Physical Systems Lab

My main research areas are in control and security of networked and cyber-physical systems.  My research has been recognized by awards including the IFIP William C. Carter Award (2010), IEEE WiOpt Best Paper Award (2012), finalist for IEEE CDC Student Best Paper Award (2012), IEEE WiOpt Student Best Paper Award (2014), finalist for ACM ICCPS Best Paper Award (2016), an NSF CRII research initiation grant from the NSF CPS program (2017), and finalist for the ACM ICCPS Best Paper Award (2018).

Research Areas

  • Secure Control of Cyber-physical Systems​
  • Network security
  • Autonomous Systems​
  • Optimization Theory​
  • Smart Cities