Research Focus Areas and Facilities

The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department has several areas of faculty interest and research focus and associated facilities.

Health & Medical Engineering

RF, Microwave & Numerical Methods

Wireless Communications, Networking, Geopositioning

A Better Way to Detect Breast Cancer

Professor Reinhold Ludwig's work with magnetic coils is leading the way to MRI images that are faster—and therefore cheaper—to produce in diagnosing breast and prostate cancers.

Keeping Track in Fire, Smoke, and Battle

A multidisciplinary team of WPI faculty and student researchers, working closely with the Worcester Fire Department and other agencies, is developing a sophisticated system designed to locate and track the movement and health of emergency workers inside burning buildings. Professor Cyganski and Professor Duckworth discuss how to aid first responders through the Precision Personnel Locator Project.

Professor Kaveh Pahlavan Discusses His Wireless Information Network Research

Research in Professor Pahlavan’s Center for Wireless Information Network Studies investigates how wireless propagation and geolocation pose unique challenges in an indoor environment.

Vehicular Wireless Spectrum Measurement System

Reliable wireless communications are a vital component of everyday operations such as financial transactions, public safety operations, educational activities, national defense, automotive, and social interactions. These all require some form of wireless communications to enable information exchange.