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Research Labs

Explore based on the focus areas below, or also by ECE labs in this table:

Antenna Lab
Embedded Computing Lab
Lab for Sensory and Physiologic Signal Processing 
Wireless Innovation Lab

Research Focus Areas and Facilities

The Electrical & Computer Engineering Department has three areas of faculty interest and research focus associated facilities. Brief topic overviews of these areas are listed below. Follow the links in these listings (or the links to the right,) to learn about the specific projects and the faculty involved. 


Biomedical Signal Processing and Modeling Smart Prosthetics, Assistive Technology, Wearable Sensors, Biomedical Instrumentation, Medical Imaging, Optimization Methods for MRI, Nanotechnology for Biomedical Sensing, Body Area Networking, Computational "Virtual Human" Modeling, On-Body Antenna Protyping. Learn more about Healthcare & Quality of Life...





Security in the Cloud

Secure Control of Cyberphysical Systems, Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms, Network Security, Embedded Security Design, Physical Security, Side-Channel Cryptanalysis. Learn more about Security & Privacy...






CyberPhysical Systems

Autonomous Vehicles and Systems, Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Real-Time / High Performance Computing, Logic Synthesis and Testing Methodologies, RF / Microwave / Mixed Signal / VLSI Circuits, Applied Electromagnetics, Numerical Methods, Cognitive and Software-Defined Radio, Wireless Communications and Networking, WiFi / UWB / Indoor Localization, Digital Radar, Information Theory, Estimation and Detection. Learn more about CyberPhysical Systems...




Control of Hybrid Dynamical Systems, Formal Methods, Automata Theory, Optimization Theory, Localization for Cooperative Robotics, Machine Vision, Image Recognition. Learn more about Robotics...


Energy & Sustainability

Solar / Wind / Renewable Energy, Power Electronics, High-Voltage Technology, Energy Conversion, Automotive Electronics, Smart Cities, Sustainability Engineering, Power Systems, Power Quality. Learn more about Energy & Sustainability...



Systems Engineering

Systems-of-Systems Modeling and Simulation, Policy Modeling, Systems Design Quality, High-Reliability and Fault Tolerant Systems, High-Performance Systems Architectures Systems Verification, Space-Flight Systems. Learn more about Systems Engineering...