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As the world is becoming more interconnected, and embedded computing devices, e.g. as in the Internet of Things, an intelligent computing and communication network is emerging. To run this new connected electronic world, ECE members are developing smart algorithms for the next generation infrastructure.

CyberPhysical Systems

Including applications in: autonomous vehicle navigation and communication, software-defined radio, wireless communications, digital signal processing, computer engineering, logic synthesis, radio frequency and microwave applications.

Faculty Interests Media (Videos, Photos, Academic Papers)
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Rick Brown


Digital Signal Processing, Estimation and Detection, Statistical Learning, Wireless Communications, Information Theory, Software-Defined Radio


Manuscript on "Channel State Information"


Xinming Huang

Embedded Computing Lab

Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Wireless Communications

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 Traffic Light Detection & Recognition 

navabi Zain Navabi  Embedded Systems, Testing Methodologies   

Kaveh Pahlavan 

Center for Wireless Information Network Studies

Localization for IoT and Smart World  Localization Challenges graphic Localization Challenges

Alex Wyglinski 

Wireless Innovation Laboratory 

Autonomous Vehicles, Digital Signal Processing, Software Defined Radio, Wireless Communications, Networking

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Cars Could Follow the Flight of the Bumblebee


Including applications in: autonomous sailboats, robotic control.

Faculty Interests Media (Videos, Photos, Academic Papers)
Jie Fu

Jie Fu

Personal Website

Reactive Robotic Systems, Multi-robot Coordination, Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems and Design of Adaptive Semi-Autonomous Systems 

Bill Michalson Bill Michalson Navigation and Tracking, High Performance Embedded Computer Systems   

Energy & Sustainability

Including applications in: renewable energy, power electronics, power systems and quality.

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Stephen Bitar Stephen Bitar Power Electronics  
Maqsood Mughal Maqsood Mughal Scalable Synthesis of Nanostructured Thin Film Materials, Photovoltaics 

Morphological and Compositional Analysis of Electrodeposited Indium Sulfide Films

Morphological and Compositional Analysis of Electrodeposited Indium Sulfide Films


Systems Engineering

Including applications in: systems thinking, modeling and simulation.

Faculty Interests Media (Videos, Photos, Academic Papers)
Shamsnaz Bhada Shamsnaz Bhada Digitized, Machine Readable Policies in Health Care, Single Source of Truth in Complex Systems, System Diagnostics, Analytics / Evolution, Human diversity in Engineering Human diversity in Engineering
Thomas Gannon Thomas Gannon Systems-of-Systems Modeling, High Reliability and Fault Tolerant Systems, High Performance Systems Architectures  

Using Systems Thinking

Using Systems Thinking to Solve Real-World Problems