Humanities & Arts (HUA) faculty members—educators, researchers, artists, performers, and more—are leaders in their fields. They participate in groundbreaking research both at home and abroad, and challenge students to explore humanities and the arts through hands-on research projects.

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We’ve included some examples here of how faculty members are investigating and exploring the humanities and arts.

Technological Approaches to the Arts

From Frederick Bianchi’s virtual orchestra and John Delorey’s virtual choir to Rich Falco’s jazz history database, WPI faculty members are breaking ground while researching the intersection of technology and art. Students interested in technological approaches to the arts are encouraged to work with a faculty advisor for invaluable advice on how best to tackle a project or cultivate an interest in technology or the arts.

American Studies

HUA faculty members have extensive research expertise in American literature, history, philosophy, music, and architectural history. Examining America from these multiple perspectives allows for a more complete understanding of the richness and diversity of American culture. Our location in central Massachusetts offers resources to faculty wishing to study these traditions, conduct original research in archives or in seminars, or take part in symposia devoted to Massachusetts writers.

Human & Robot Musical Improvisation

HUA faculty member Scott Barton recently worked with High Concept Laboratories to continue his research into human and robot musical improvisation. Check out the video to learn more about Professor Barton’s work.