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The Robotics Engineering program is supported by several state-of-the-art labs that promote innovation and collaboration.


Music, Perception and Robotics Lab
AH B21
Professor S. Barton


Automation and Interventional Medicine (AIM) Lab
85P 230 
Professor G. Fischer

Adaptive and Intelligent Robotics (AIR) Lab
85P 301 
Professor J. Xiao

Computational Intelligence and Bionic Robotics (CIBR)
85P 224
Professors J. Fu, J. Li, C. Pinciroli

Control and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (CIRL)
85P 224
Professors J. Fu

Human-inspired Robotics (HiRO) Lab
85P 224
Professor J. Li

Manipulation and Environmental Robotics Laboratory (MER Lab)
85P 307 
Professor B. Calli

Medical Frontier Ultrasound Imaging and Robotic Instrumentation (FUSION) Lab
85P 308 
Professor H. Zhang

Nemitz Robotics Group
85P 311
Professor M. Nemitz

Novel Engineering of Swarm Technologies (NEST) Lab 
85P 220 
Professor C. Pinciroli

Popovic Labs
85P 211
Professor M. Popovic

Robot Communications & Navigation Lab
85P 219
Professor M. Gennert, Professor W. Michalson

Soft Robotics Lab (annex)
85P 205
Professor C. Onal


Interaction Lab
FL B16
Professor C. Sidner


WPI Humanoid Robotics Lab (WHRL)
WB 108  
Professor M. Gennert


Soft Robotics Lab
HL 127
Professor C. Onal

FIRST Robotics Resources Center, Collab Lab
HL 005
Professor K. Stafford, B. Miller

Atwater Kent:

Cognitive Medical Technology and Robotics (COMET) Lab
AK 221
Professor L. Fichera

Robotics Engineering Teaching Lab
AK 120C, D
Alex Camilo

Foisie Innovation Studio:

Noiles Teaching Laboratory
FI 103
Kevin Harrington