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With the first-of-its-kind bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering and one of the first such graduate programs in the nation, WPI is at the forefront of robotics education and research.  

Our passion for robotics is evident in everything we do—we have a dedicated and enthusiastic faculty and staff along with strong industry connections; we perform breakthrough research; we provide hands-on work with robotic devices in our many state-of-the-art labs; we prioritize space for experimentation; and we foster competitive teams that routinely win national robotics awards. Our graduates leave well prepared to tackle the technical, social, cultural, and ethical challenges of a robotics workforce that remains dynamic and constantly changing.

Preview Dr. Nemitz

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) researcher Markus Nemitz is the recipient of a $599,815 CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation to develop an innovative architecture for low-cost custom robots capable of traversing challenging terrains by swimming, crawling, climbing, and diving through hostile and confined spaces as part of search-and-rescue operations.

Preview Lineup

WPI researchers have partnered with the City of Worcester to develop a lizard-like soft robot that can creep into walls, ductwork, and pipes to perform inspections and three-dimensional mapping tasks that could be dangerous or impossible for humans.  

 Funded by a $50,000 National Science Foundation grant, the team— Cagdas OnalPaul MathisenYunus Telliel, and Berk Calli—collaborated with students and city officials to design the slender and deformable robot, which can get into tight spaces much less invasively than current methods allow.

Preview Dr. Fichera

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) researcher Loris Fichera has been awarded $599,663 by the National Science Foundation for a five-year project that will enable a new class of surgical robots to treat disease through the focused delivery of energy, such as light, without cutting or touching human tissues.

Career Development

WPI produces students who are well-prepared to consider the technical, social, and ethical implications of using robots in a human world. Our graduates find many professional opportunities in this growing industry.

BS/MS Option

Students may opt to earn a BS/MS degree in robotics engineering in an accelerated time. The bachelor's degree can be in any major at WPI and the master's is in robotics engineering. Students interested in the program are encouraged to contact the Robotics Engineering Department for guidance about any undergraduate requirements for the program.


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Working Smarter, Not Harder

Derrick Morse ’01, MS ’03 works with robots that tackle the back-breaking, detailed work of layout transfer.

robot hands shaking

The Humanity of Robots in the Workplace

WPI researchers—and alumni—introduce innovative robotic solutions into entirely new workplace environments, understanding how humans interact, appreciate, and accept these high-tech coworkers.

two men

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Professor Berk Calli and James Akl tackle the quest for a robotic shipbreaker.

woman with robot arm

Wearable Robot Offers Hope

Tess Meier ’18, MS ‘19 uses an insider's perspective to perfect an exoskeleton hand prototype.

people standing in city hall on stairs

A Welcome Invasion of City Walls

Lizard-like robots sneak into small spaces for mapping and inspections.

woman with white background

A Robotics Resource for Solving Problems

ROSE-HUB bridges the gap between WPI research and the development of commercial technologies.

Preview professor
Carlo Pinciroli, Associate Professor of Robotics Engineering and Fire Protection Engineering

Faculty Snapshot

Get to know Professor Pinciroli through items he has in his office.

Student Impact

students on a boat

‘Ropeless’ Lobster Traps Protect Right Whales

Lobster fishing is critical to New England, but the ropes that connect traps to buoys pose a threat to the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. Learn how students developed a project to address the problem. 


Blaise Schroeder '23

Blaise Understands Everyone Has a Story

Meet Our Students

Shiivek Agarwal '25
Shiivek Agarwal '25
BS in Robotics Engineering & Computer Science

Shiivek is dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive community at WPI. [...]

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Tess Meier
Tess Meier
PhD, Robotics Engineering

PhD student, Tess has loved robotics since her time as an undergraduate at WPI. She hopes to inspire that interest in her future students[...]

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Filippo Marcantoni ‘25
Filippo Marcantoni ‘25
BS, Robotics Engineering

Italian-born Filippo loves the flexibility of WPI’s academics while also being a part of the men’s soccer team. [...]

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Megan DeSanty ’24
Megan DeSanty ’24
BS Robotics Engineering, minor in Computer Science

Community service projects and staying active are important parts of Megan’s life, both on and off campus.  [...]

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