WPI is at the forefront of integrated robotics research and education with the Robotics Engineering Department, which is the first-of-its-kind in the nation and the most comprehensive in the world and with the largest student population seeking BS, MS, and PhD degrees.  

Robotics is defined as embodied intelligence, encompassing artificial intelligence and physical intelligence. Our pioneering approach to research and education is built on the foundation of advancing science and engineering to build better robots and robotic systems of the future. We have graduated thousands of roboticists and continue to prepare students for a future robotics workforce to tackle the technical, social, cultural, and ethical challenges that remain dynamic and constantly changing.  

Our research philosophy is unique since we not only conduct scientific discovery but also provide engineering solutions to tackle the problems of today to have an impact tomorrow. This also percolates into our educational regime: we provide extensive hands-on experience in all our courses with state-of-the-art lab facilities. We prioritize space for experimentation, and we foster competitive student teams that routinely win international robotics awards.