It Starts with Research—and Leads to Virtually Endless Opportunities

Scientific inquiry can end up in an unlimited number of destinations. But invariably, it all begins at the same starting point: research. Tireless research helped WPI identify the growth and proliferation of robotics in increasing areas of society. This led to the recognition of the burgeoning demand for qualified robotics engineers and, consequently, the need for top-notch education programs.

The result was WPI’s first-in-the-nation BS in Robotics Engineering, followed by MS, PhD, and our BS/MS combined program.

Likewise, ongoing research keeps WPI at the forefront of robotics engineering advances and breakthroughs. Students and faculty members take advantage of the almost endless opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research across multiple disciplines. Their results are rewarding, inspiring, and historic. 

Find out about the research focus areas of our faculty members.

Research Focus Areas

Robotics is a broad field encompassing many aspects of science and engineering. Students in the Robotics Program have the opportunity to work with faculty on many topics and to make fundamental contributions to this evolving field. Below are our faculty members' current areas of research.

Robotics Labs

The Robotics Engineering program is supported by several state-of-the-art labs that promote innovation and collaboration.

Alden Hall:

Music, Perception and Robotics Lab
AH B21
Professor S. Barton

85 Prescott Street:

Automation and Interventional Medicine (AIM) Lab
85P 230 
Professor G. Fischer

Robot Communications & Navigation Lab
85P 219
Professor M. Gennert, Professor W. Michalson

Human Augmentation Lab
85P 211
Professor M. Gennert, Professor C. Onal, Professor M. Popovic

Novel Engineering of Swarm Technologies (NEST) Lab 
85P 220 
Professor C. Pinciroli

Computational Intelligence and Bionic Robotics (CIBR)
85P 224
Professors J. Fu, J. Li, C. Pinciroli

Fuller Labs:

Interaction Lab
FL B16
Professor C. Rich, Professor C. Sidner

Washburn SHOPs:

WPI Humanoid Robotics Lab (WHRL)
WB 108  
Professor M. Gennert

Higgins Labs:

Soft Robotics Lab
HL 127
Professor C. Onal

Olin Hall:

Popovic Labs
OH 017
Professor M. Popovic