Faculty Advising

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As a faculty advisor at WPI, you build cooperative and understanding relationships with your students. You work together to help your advisees design programs of study that reflect their unique interests and professional goals, as they take responsibility for their educational experience as part of the WPI Plan.

What Is My Role As an Advisor?

As an advisor, you may suggest specific programs of study, but not insist that students follow a particular path. You may also help students choose among academic alternatives, help them interpret catalog requirements, and review degree audits and grade reports with them. Students are expected to understand these documents and their implications for academic progress and act accordingly.

Advising, however, is more than course selection and review of degree requirements. Research published by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) has demonstrated that one of the most powerful influences on student persistence in college is individual attention from faculty members. As such, it is recommended that you develop relationships with your advisees on an individual basis to cultivate their academic interests and career prospects.

Tools for Effective Advising

For strategies to create effective advising relationships, and for more information about your role, please view the Faculty Advisor handbook (PDF).

We have also collected a number of Faculty Advising Resources that you may find helpful, as well as the Faculty Guide to Academic Integrity at WPI.