Associate Rank Faculty

WPI's approach to mentoring of Associate Professors was piloted with a grant from the WPI Women’s Impact Network and expanded with an ADVANCE Adaptation grant from the National Science Foundation.


Diagram for Associate Professor Mentoring at WPI

A mid-career Professional Development Plan (PDP) serves as the focal point for mentoring at the Associate rank. Values-driven and passion-driven, the PDP empowers each faculty member to chart an exciting five-year vision, establish short-term goals aligned with that vision, and identify a network of mentors as well as professional growth opportunities. Associate Professors select their own mentoring team, and the team provides guidance toward the next promotion.

Each January Associate Professors across all types of tracks come together to create or refresh their PDP in community with colleagues. Across two years of workshop feedback, 100% of respondents said they would strongly recommend the workshop to their colleagues, 71% were more interested in pursuing promotion, 88% were more confident they could succeed in their next promotion, and 100% said that the workshop helped them build community with peers.