Training for Student Educators

Teaching assistant and student in conversation around a table and laptop

Graduate Teaching Assistants and undergraduate Peer Learning Assistants (PLAs), and those with similar titles such as Student/Senior Assistants and Senior Tutors, are hired directly by many departments and play an important role in supporting students and faculty. The Morgan Center provides training and development sessions for both of these populations. 

TA Training  

The TA Training Seminar is held each August and January for graduate students receiving Teaching Assistantships. (Other graduate students hired on an hourly basis as course graders, graduate assistants, or graduate learning assistants should attend PLA training described below.) WPI policy is that this training is required for all first-time Teaching Assistants, regardless of prior teaching experience at WPI or elsewhere.

Dates for the next offering are Monday and Tuesday, August 21 and 22, 2023. Please use this link to register: 2023 TA Orientation Registration The training program includes some pre-work in a Canvas course; new TAs should receive a Canvas course invitation by email several days in advance of the program. Please contact the program coordinators at if you need assistance. 

Past agendas for reference: August 2022, January 2023, August 2023

Training  for PLAs, GLAs, Graders, and other Course Assistants 

This training program is for all undergraduate and graduate students hired by departments or programs to assist instructors on an hourly basis in such roles as Peer Learning Assistant, Student Assistant, Graduate Learning Assistant, Course Grader, Senior Tutor, Graduate Assistant in the Business School, or other similar titles. (Graduate students receiving Teaching Assistantships should attend the program described above.) Training is divided into two separate modules to allow for more flexibility.  We recommend all new student educators take BOTH parts, but in some cases only one may be needed.  Please confirm with your professor which part(s) are required for your position.  PLA training is offered at the beginning of each term (A, B, C, D).  

Training Part 1: Grading, Ethics, and Responsibilities 

This workshop is intended for graders, PLAs, GLAs, and other types of undergraduate and graduate assistants hired to grade student work of a quantitative nature (e.g., problem sets, calculations). This training includes some mock grading, tips on grading efficiently and consistently, and discussion of case studies that address ethical and legal issues related to grading and interaction with students. 

Training Part 2: Techniques for Teaching and Learning 

This workshop includes discussions of how courses are designed for optimal student learning, and how students learn and master course content. Participants will learn techniques for effective tutoring of individual students and groups, running conference and review sessions, facilitating group work, and teaching in diverse classrooms.  

Fall 2023 Course Assistant Training Schedule

All A-term and B-term Course Assistant Training Sessions will be held in person and are listed in the tables below.  Please register for sessions using the links provided.  You may choose any combination of Part 1 and Part 2 session that fits with your schedule as long as you attend both.

A 1 Mon 28 -Aug 11 AM - 1 PM

Campus Center

Hagglund Room

A 2 Mon 28 - Aug 5 PM - 7 PM

Atwater Kent 219

A 1 Wed 6 - Sep 5 PM - 7 PM Higgins Hall Great Hall Registration
A 2 Thu 7 - Sep 12 PM - 2 PM Higgins Hall Great Hall Registration
A 1 Mon 11 - Sep 11 AM - 1 PM Higgins Hall Great Hall Registration
A 2 Mon 11 - Sep 5 PM - 7 PM Higgins Hall Great Hall Registration


B 2 Tue 24 - Oct 5 PM - 7 PM Higgins House Great Hall Registration
B 1 Wed 25 - Oct 12 PM - 2 PM Higgins House Great Hall Registration
B 2 Mon 30 - Oct 12 PM - 2 PM Higgins House Great Hall Registration
B 1 Mon 30 - Oct 5 PM - 7 PM Campus Center Hagglund Room Registration