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IT professionals who have an understanding of business and the emerging emphasis on business analytics are in-demand now more than ever. Our online master’s in information technology explores the application of IT to business by delving into information technology, business analytics, and comprehensive management principles. Learn how to leverage existing and new-to-market IT and analytics tools to create business opportunities and how to use this information in business applications. An online master’s degree in information technology will mold you into an IT professional who has the expertise to acquire a leadership role at the forefront of business and technological innovations. WPI's online master's in information technology is currently offered 100% online for part-time and full-time students. 

The Foisie Business School, established at a premier technology-focused university, has world-class expertise and educational resources in technology and business, and thus is suitably poised to offer valuable graduate-level programs that prepare students to apply entrepreneurial thinking and transform into leadership roles.  

Learning Outcomes for Online Master's in Information Technology

  • Gain an understanding how to leverage existing and emerging information technology and analytics tools in business applications
  • Understanding of policy, technology and security of the organization
  • Expand your Leadership skills to lead the technology and business innovations

An MS in Information technology degree program is also offered on campus
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On-Demand Webinar: Information Technology Info Session

View our on-demand webinar to be introduced WPI's online Information Technology graduate program. Get an overview of program logistics, what online learning looks like, the application process, and more!

Program Requirements for MS Information Technology Online

WPI’s Online Master’s in Information Technology is a 33-credit program which draws from WPI’s strengths in technology, engineering, and science. IT courses cover a wide spectrum of cutting-edge industry topics ranging from organizational and technological challenges of large systems and data to security management, information systems innovation, systems development life cycle.


  • MIS 581. Policy and Strategy for IT and Analytics
  • MIS 584. Business Intelligence
  • MIS 502. Data Management for Analytics

MSIT students must complete two, three-course specialties, selected from the following:

  • MIS 571. Database Applications Design and Development
  • MIS 582. Information Security Management
  • MIS 585. User Experience Design
  • MIS 587. Business Applications in Machine Learning
  • MKT 568. Data Mining Business Applications

Select one of the following:

  • MIS 500. Innovating with Information Systems select one of the following
  • OIE 501. Designing Operations for Competitive Advantage (recommended for students with no operations background)
  • OIE 544. Supply Chain Analysis and Design
  • OIE 558. Designing and Managing Lean Six-Sigma Processes

select one of the following


  • MKT 561. Consumer Behavior and Analytics
  • MIS 583. User Experience Applications
  • MIS 586. User Experience Research Methods


MSIT students must complete a two-course capstone project experience as follows:
  • OBC 505. Teaming and Organizing for Innovation
  • BUS 596. Master of Science Capstone Project

Course Schedule for MS Information Technology Online

Visit the registrar’s website to see a current listing of MS information technology online business courses and on-campus offerings.

Prerequisites for Online Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with prior programming and finance/accounting preparation.

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