Graduate engineering education molds tomorrow’s technical leaders. Engineers who are motivated to develop their knowledge and expertise are often rewarded with leadership opportunities.

What sets true engineering leaders apart is holistic development: a combination of the technical skills that create innovation solutions, and the managerial skills that bring these solutions to bear. WPI’s graduate certificate, Mechanical Engineering for Technical Leaders (METL), empowers mechanical engineers with the well-rounded education they need to advance in their field.

Thanks to the technical instruction infused with coursework in leadership and management, you will learn to lead technical teams, make sound business decisions, and manage complex projects from beginning to end. This indispensable certificate is also offered 100% online, allowing working professionals the freedom to pursue the knowledge they need while keeping their career. 

Also available online: MS in Mechanical Engineering

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Work with your faculty advisor to determine the most relevant plan of study, adhering to the following:

  • 9 credits in graduate-level Mechanical Engineering courses*
  • 9 credits in graduate-level Business courses**

Keep Going with Automatic Admission into WPI’s M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Students who wish to continue their studies in the M.S. Program in Mechanical Engineering will admitted automatically, provided that they have:

  • Completed the METL certificate program
  • Carried an average GPA of at least 3.0 within the 9 credits of M.E. courses

* Students may petition the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Committee to count up to 4 credits in AE and/or MTE graduate courses.  Petitions must be approved before students register for these AE and/or MTE credits.

** Students may use CE 580 (Advanced Project Management) toward this requirement.

Software used in this program: CES Edupack software package, SolidWorks, Abaqus, CATIA, ANSYS, ChemDraw software


Mechanical Engineering Department

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