WPI’s groundbreaking and comprehensive mechanical engineering program has been leading the industry for more than 150 years. As a student in the Online MS in Mechanical Engineering program, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to push the boundaries of analysis, design, and manufacturing as you customize a program that leverages your professional expertise in mechanical engineering and meets career and lifestyle goals.

Students can earn their degree in only two years. Working closely with their faculty advisors, will develop a customized and relevant plan of study for the MS program, allowing them to:

  • Perform detailed stress analysis to create designs that are both structurally robust and cost-effective
  • Select materials to maximize functionality and performance while minimizing costs
  • Model the kinematics and dynamics of complex multi-axial mechanical systems for more efficient and reliable designs
  • Execute advanced analyses of fluid dynamics to improve process efficiency and properly size the components of a fluid system.
  • Produce designs which are optimized for manufacturing so that they can be made more quickly at lower cost

Also available online: Mechanical Engineering for Technical Leaders (METL) Graduate Certificate

This degree is also offered on campus.
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I’m more than halfway through the mechanical engineering graduate program at WPI and I’ve already seen an increase in my responsibilities at work and earned a job promotion… WPI is flexible and it’s been very worthwhile. I only wish I had started earlier.
Jim Daniel
Flow Engineer
The WPI name speaks for itself and pursuing a graduate degree here has given me a competitive edge over other engineers….WPI has certainly led me down the path of career success with my employer.
John Courtney
Manufacturing Engineer
Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Massachusetts

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The MS in Mechanical Engineering is a non-thesis degree with a minimum of 30 credit hours, including:

  • 18 graduate credits in mechanical engineering
  • 3 graduate credits in mathematics (Note: ME 5000 is a 2 credit course which may be used to fulfill this requirement)*
  • 9 graduate credits of electives within or outside of mechanical engineering

*Note that this requirement is 19 credits in mechanical engineering if ME 5000 is taken to satisfy the mathematics requirement.

Thesis option: Currently, WPI’s online graduate programs do not offer a thesis option, as theses cannot be completed online. If you wish to pursue a thesis on campus, it is the student’s responsibility to find an advisor. Please note that depending on the project’s subject and timeframe, there might not be a faculty member willing or able to advise.

Two-Credit Courses in Specialization Areas


AE 5101. Fluid Dynamics
AE 5102. Advanced Gas Dynamics
AE 5103. Computational Fluid Dynamics
AE 5200. Mechanical Vibrations
AE 5220. Control of Linear Dynamical Systems


ME 593. Special Topics
ME 5303. Applied Finite Element Methods in Engineering
ME 5311. Structure and Properties or Engineering Materials
ME 5312. Properties and Performance of Engineering Materials


ME 5103. Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 5200. Mechanical Vibrations
ME 5203. Introduction to Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
ME 5000. Applied Analytical Methods in Engineering
ME 5001. Applied Numerical Methods in Engineering
ME 5202. Advanced Dynamics
ME 501. Robots Dynamics *Three Credit Course


ME 5101. Fluid Dynamics
ME 516. Heat Transfer *Three Credit Course
ME 5102. Advanced Gas Dynamics
ME 5103. Computational Fluid Dynamics


ME 5001. Applied Numerical Methods in Engineering
ME 543. Design and Analysis of Manufacturing Process *Three Credit Course
ME 5441. Design for Manufacturability
ME 5420. Fundamentals of Axiomatic Design of Manufacturing Processes

We additionally have these math and management courses but do not offer these programs.



  • ME 5000. Applied Analytical Methods In Engineering
  • ME 5311. Structure And Properties Of Engineering Materials
  • ME 593 ST: Fundamentals In Surface Metrology
  • Me Depth/Elective
  • Me Depth/Elective
  • Me Depth/Elective


  • ME 5312. Properties And Performance Of Engineering Materials
  • ME 5358. Plastics
  • ME 593 ST: Fundamentals In Surface Metrology
  • Me Depth/Elective

SPRING 1 - C & D

  • ME 501. Robot Dynamics (*3 Credits)
  • ME 516. Heat Transfer (*3 Credits)
  • ME 5001. Applied Numerical Methods In Engineering
  • ME 5420. Fundamentals Of Axiomatic Design Of Manufacturing Processes
  • ME 5380. Foundations Of Elasticity
  • MFE 594N. ST: Coating And Surface Treatment
  • ME 593 ST: Fundamentals In Surface Metrology
  • Me Depth/Elective



  • MIS 576. Project Management
    Or OIE 542. Risk Management and Decision Making

  • Me Depth/Elective

  • Me Depth/Elective


Software used in this program: CES Edupack software package, SolidWorks. Abaqus. CATIA, ANSYS, ChemDraw software

Course offerings are subject to change. If you are interested in enrolling, please contact us for the most up-to-date information.


Applicants to the MS in Mechanical Engineering program should have a BS in mechanical engineering or a related field, such as other engineering disciplines, physics, or mathematics. Test scores, and other required application documents, can be found here.

After Graduation

Graduates find opportunities in the manufacturing, professional, scientific, and technical services industries, as well as in government and academia. Alumni of WPI’s Mechanical Engineering program work for GE Aircraft Engines, Keurig, Wyman-Gordon Company, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Bose Corporation, Sikorsky, and more.

Webinar: Open House

We are hosting an upcoming webinar to introduce you to our Mechanical Engineering online graduate program. Learn more about the program, what online learning looks like, the application process, and more! We hope you can join us on Tuesday, November 12 @ 12 pm (ET)

Mechanical Engineering Department 

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