Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science

WPI’s degree in mechanical engineering provides you with the essential skills and experiences you’ll need to explore this lucrative field’s myriad opportunities. Fifty percent of our mechanical engineering requirements are electives, so you’ll be able to craft an academic experience targeted toward what interests you most.

Value Proposition Description

WPI’s project-based educational approach means you’ll take hands-on engineering courses every year—right from your first semester. You’ll learn and work with our renowned faculty tackling projects from nano-component fabricating to the largest aircraft carrier endeavors.

We facilitate global experiences that enable you to take projects from inception to fruition in many environments. You’ll build your confidence and fine-tune your professional abilities to gain an advantage in the job market and the work environment.


As a mechanical engineering major, you’ll discover the path you want to follow, and we will help you make that happen. The course work includes fundamental courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and several engineering disciplines, but at WPI we give you room to pursue what you like most.

As you earn your degree in mechanical engineering, you may explore a focus in biomechanical engineering, energy, engineering mechanics, manufacturing engineering, materials science, mechanical design, and/or robotics. Project work helps you sharpen your critical thinking skills and apply your knowledge to problems you’ll see in the real world.

BS/MS Option:

Outstanding students are encouraged to combine a master’s degree with undergraduate WPI studies to complete both degrees in five years or less. Interested? Talk with your advisor early.


Project-based Learning

WPI's distinctive undergraduate education combines rigorous theory with hands-on application. Across your four years you'll be expected to apply your knowledge in innovative ways to solve significant, real-world problems. Past teams have tackled such projects as developing a mobile dialysis vehicle and designing ski and snowboard bindings to help mitigate ACL injuries. Mechanical engineering students also have access to several collaborative alliances between WPI and industry, including the Metals Processing Institute (MPI) and its research centers. 

More Value

Whether it’s real-world work experience through a co-op or internshipearning a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four or five years through the BS/MS program, or integrating your coursework with your extracurricular interests through Major and a Mission, there are many ways you can make the most out of your time at WPI.

Make Mechanical Engineering Part of Your Future

Wondering what you can do with your degree in mechanical engineering, companies that have hired WPI graduates, or the salary you can expect to earn with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering? Check out our mechanical engineering career outlook page for answers to those questions and more.

Continue Your Mechanical Engineering Education

Whether you’re interested in or have already completed a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, you’re in the right place. WPI’s got a mechanical engineering focus for every level of education: build upon your mechanical engineering major and the skills you’ve learned with a master’s degree (and enjoy the flexibility of completing it on campus or online) or PhD, which will give you the chance to tackle groundbreaking research with renowned faculty in state-of-the-art facilities. Interested in mechanical engineering, but not sure if a full major is right for you? Our minor in mechanical engineering is a perfect complement to degrees in everything from manufacturing engineering and materials science to industrial engineering.

Explore the World of Manufacturing Engineering

Looking for a way to continue your education while building upon your bachelor of science in mechanical engineering? Use your interest in helping to improve products, their production process, or both with a master’s (with in person or online options to best accommodate your schedule and goals), or PhD in this essential field. In the process of completing your bachelor’s degree and interested in a complementary minor? A minor in manufacturing engineering allows you to do just that. Whatever degree you’re interested in, take advantage of cutting-edge research opportunities, mentoring from expert faculty, and more at WPI.

Dig Deep into Materials Science & Engineering

Do you have a passion for learning about how material properties change based on manufacturing processes? WPI’s master’s in materials science and engineering will give you the chance to dive into properties, processes, kinetics, and performance of existing materials and how to improve processes. Available in person or online, full- or part-time, it’s easy to customize the degree to your individual schedule and specific interests. Want to take it a step further? Consider a PhD, where you’ll work on groundbreaking research in industry-supported centers under the guidance of expert faculty. Already have plans for a bachelor’s degree? Complement it with a minor in materials science and engineering, and give yourself an advantage in your career.

Interest Piqued by Industrial Engineering?

Whether you’ve already decided on a mechanical engineering major and are looking to find a double major, or are interested in complementing your bachelor of science in mechanical engineering with a minor, industrial engineering may be the perfect choice. Our bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering will prepare you with the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills necessary to tackle current and future organizational problems in the global economy, while a minor will provide the fundamentals needed for you to help organizations improve processes and gain efficiencies.