Traveling to Campus

Vehicles waiting prior to Frontiers arrival

WPI's Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs team is excited to welcome participants to campus from all corners of the globe! Whether you are traveling from Holden or Hong Kong, we encourage you to read on to learn more about our Frontiers arrival and departure policies.

Opening and Closing Days for Frontiers 2024 Programs are:

  • Frontiers 1:
    • Opening Day: Sunday, July 7, 2024
    • Closing Day: Friday, July 19, 2024
  • Frontiers 2:
    • Opening Day: Sunday, July 21, 2024
    • Closing Day: Friday, August 2, 2024
Location: 20 Trowbridge Road
Phone: 508-831-4900
Fax: 508-831-5188

Participants Traveling Alone

All participants must provide their own transportation to and from WPI's campus for the Frontiers program. Any students who are traveling on their own may arrive anytime after 8:00am (EDT) on Opening Day. Departing students are welcome to leave as early as Thursday evening, but they must vacate campus no later than 2:00pm (EDT) on Closing Day. 

We do not have arrival/departure staffing from 12:00am (midnight) - 7:00am, so please do not plan to arrive or depart during these hours. Most local airports are approximately 1-hour from Worcester. Students should plan to book arriving flights that land no later than 10:30pm and departing flights that leave no earlier than 9:30am. We strongly encourage travel plans to align as closely as they can with our published opening and closing times. 

If participants are considering airport options, below is a list of airports that former Frontiers participants have utilized:

Logan airport

Boston Logan International Airport (

Bradley International airport

Bradley International Airport | Love The Journey! (

T.F. Green airport

Rhode Island T. F. Green International Airport | PVD | Rhode Island

Worcester Regional airport

Worcester Regional Airport (ORH) (

WPI does not offer a shuttle service to or from the airport. However, we strongly encourage you book your ride through one of the below companies whom we have worked with in the past:

Joeys Limo

Wachusett Limo

Knights Limo

Airport and Travel Tips

Checklist For 24 Hours Before Your Flight
  1. Check into your flight online 24 hours prior to your departure. You may be able to download your boarding pass to your phone and pre-pay for any bags you plan to check at the airport at this time. 
  2. Make an action plan with your family of how you are getting there. Plan to arrive 3 HOURS before your flight is scheduled to leave.  
  3. Parents are allowed to escort students to the gate with an escort pass that is given out at the airport ticket counters. Parents must have government issued IDs to do so. 
  4. Download the airline app onto your smartphone. Use the flight confirmation number to track the status of your flight. You can share this with your family so they can track your flight and received notifications as well. 


Day of Travel
  1. Arrive to the airport at least 3 HOURS before your flight. 
  2. Make sure you bring all of your travel essentials: luggage, student ID/government ID such as a passport or license, headphones, and spending money.  
  3. Make sure you are aware of what airline you are flying with prior to your flight! That is where you will enter the airport.
  4. When you enter the airport, you will have to show your ID and boarding pass to airline personnel. 
  5. If you need or want a printed boarding pass, you can use your flight confirmation number to print one at an airline kiosk. Ask an employee for help if you need it. 
Checking Luggage
  1. Confirm your airline's policy on checked bags. Most airlines now charge a fee, about $25-$60 per bag. This fee can be paid when you check in online 24 hours prior to your flight or at the airport when you arrive for your flight at the ticket counter. 
  2. Each bag must weigh less than 50 pounds. If heavier, the airline will charge extra fees, so pack smart!
  3. Also check your ticket to see what is allowed for carry-on items as this also can vary from airline to airline and seat type you have purchased. Most allow at least 1 carry-on that can fit under the seat in front of you. 
    1. If space in your carry-on allows, pack an extra set of clothing, charger for your phone and any of your other valuables. 
Going Through Security
  1. Make sure to have your ID out and have access to your boarding pass, via your phone or a paper copy of it. 
  2. Make sure you have reviewed the TSA website for detailed information on transporting liquids, batteries, food, sharp objects, etc. 
  3. You will go through security. They will scan your bags and will likely ask you to remove your shoes and have you walk through a body scanner. Do not worry! This is a very typical protocol and ensures everyone’s safety.
Getting On Your Plane
  1. After going through security, please locate the GATE NUMBER on your boarding pass. This gate number is often a combination of letters and numbers (example: 4B or 24F). Please make sure you get to your gate ASAP and stay close. This is the location where you will get onto your plane. Arriving at your gate on time is essential - getting there late can mean you miss your flight!  FLIGHTS BOARD 30 MINUTES before the departure time. Your SEAT may be given away if you do not board on time.  
  2. If in doubt, ask for help. Airport staff will usually have some type of uniform, vest, or badge visible. 
  3. If you are flying during a meal time, consider purchasing something near your gate to take on the flight with you. Typically airlines will offer a complimentary soft drink/water and small snack on the flight.

Please stay close! Airline personnel will announce in the overhead speaker when you will board your flight. Make sure you are aware of this and are paying attention! 

Items To Bring With You On The Plane
  1. EMPTY water bottle and/or a snack
  2. A sweater, sweatshirt, or light jacket (planes get cold)
  3. Headphones 
  4. Book/magazine
  5. Neck pillow
  7. You are allowed to bring one SMALL bag to put as a carry-on luggage, and one personal item (purse, backpack, or tote bag) that can fit underneath the seat in front of you. If it’s too big they will make you check it and they may charge you a bag fee, so keep these items SMALL!
After Landing
  1. Follow signs to baggage claim. There is usually an announcement on the airplane right before you get off about which carousel your bags can be claimed at. 
  2. Collect bags from the baggage claim area.
  3. Proceed to your planned pick-up area. Before you leave you should have planned with your family how you will get from the airport to campus. We have a list of shuttle services in the area which we find can be easier than trying to get a shared ride service.