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Frontiers for Credit

Frontiers for Credit is a pre-college summer program designed for high school students who are interested in earning college credit and experiencing an academically fulfilling WPI college course. WPI’s five-week online pre-college summer program starting in July will allow students to explore STEM curriculum alongside WPI’s world-renowned faculty. ​

Audience: ​Students Entering Grades 11 & 12 
Program Dates: July 11 - August 13, 2021
Application Opens: January 8, 2020 

Application Materials: Official transcripts are preferred, but self-submitted transcripts are accepted. No letters of recommendation required.
Cost of Program: To be announced in January 2021. No application fee associated with applying.

Explore Our Online Pre-College Summer Program for High School Students in 11th & 12th Grade

Program at a Glance: 
-  5-week online program
-  Earn college credit
-  Complimentary academic support and engagement opportunities
-  Build relationships with WPI faculty, staff, and undergraduate students
-  Connection with peers interested in STEM from around the globe
-  Summer courses are asynchronous so students may take them from any time zone.  Some faculty may have live sessions, but all sessions are recorded.

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Virtual Campus

Frontiers for Credit is more than an academic experience. Check out our Virtual Campus page to see what a typical day looks like and our wrap services throughout the online pre-college summer program for juniors and seniors. 

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Course Information for Frontiers Online Pre-College Summer Program

We have over 30+ courses in either a Humanities or STEM focus you can choose to explore this summer. Check out the full list of course offerings for Frontiers for Credit below. Whether you're interested in studying humanities and arts courses like American drama and global studies or online STEM classes like robotics and computer aided design, our online pre-college summer program covers it all.

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Frontiers for Credit: Information Session

Interested in learning more about our interactive online pre-college summer program for high schoolers? Check out our pre-recorded webinars on Youtube to learn more. 

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Parent & Family Engagement Opportunities

Our staff is looking to partner with families throughout this online experience. Check out our engagement opportunities for parents and family members during Frontiers for Credit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I know what textbooks and supplies to purchase?

    Any textbooks and supplies that are required for the class, will be communicated from the professor and will be listed on the WPI Bookstore website. Each course ranges on the necessary materials, but the average is $200 per course.

  • What are the deadline to withdraw from a course?

    For summer session II, the date to add or drop a course is Friday, July 17 to receive a full refund (first day of class is Monday, July 13). Students may withdraw from a course within the first three weeks, but will not be eligible for a refund because it is passed the add/drop deadline.

  • How many courses should a student take?

    We recommend that students enroll in one summer course during a session. These are college courses with rigorous content that are taught in only five weeks. We want high school students to have enough time and energy to dedicate to one class so they are successful in this endeavor.

  • What type of students will be enrolled in summer courses?

    WPI's summer courses are open to many constituents including WPI undergraduate students, visiting undergraduate students, high-achieving high school students, and other guests.

  • How does college credit work?

    Students who are taking a WPI summer course will be able to use the course credits at WPI as an undergraduate student (in the future) or transfer them to another university. In the WPI structure, we would refer to the course as 1/3 of a credit, but at other universities, the course would be considered 3 credits. Upon completion of the course, we will provide the student a copy of their official WPI transcript with the course information.

  • What if I was accepted into the on campus Frontiers program?

    If a Frontiers participant was accepted into our previous in-person program, they have the option of differing their acceptance to next year and will be to come to Frontiers in the summer of 2021. There is no deposit needed to secure this spot, their acceptance secures their spot.

  • Does Frontiers For Credit help my chances of getting admitted to WPI?

    As part of an undergraduate application, WPI does look at demonstrated interest. This means that an interaction with WPI would be noted, which could range from visiting with WPI as a college fair to attending an on campus event. Participating in Frontiers for Credit would be another form of demonstrated interest. Please note that by participating in any particular event or opportunity, that does not guarantee admission into WPI.

  • Is there a payment plan option for Frontiers for Credit? Is need-based financial aid available?

    Unfortunately, there is not a payment plan offered for Frontiers for Credit. 

    Unfortunately, there is no financial assistance available for high school students. WPI has made the intentional decision to discount courses to a 50% price mark for all high school students and which will include complimentary wrap-around services. 

  • What if I have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in school?

    If a high school student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or questions about classroom accommodations, please email the Director of Accessibility Services, Amy Curran,  She will work directly with students and families regarding options. 

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