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Launch: Pre-College Courses for High School Students: Course Offerings & Structure

We are excited to share our new Launch virtual format with students from August 3-7, 2020. Our pre-college courses for high school students are taught by WPI faculty with hands-on projects for students to explore.  

Each program runs from Monday through Friday and is split with two offerings, either a morning or afternoon session.  Morning sessions run from 9:00am-12:00pm and the afternoon sessions run from 1:00-4:00pm.  During the three hours of the session, there will be a total of 1.5 hours of instructions and 1.5 hours of self-guided work.  Each session will be live with the WPI faculty member and an undergraduate Teaching Assistant, which includes presentations, demonstrations, and small group discussions

Choose from one of the following college courses for high school students:

Apps For Good

Participants will explore the use of technology to identify and solve problems in our community. Blending entrepreneurial and computer science concepts, course staff will guide participants through a rapid development life cycle from launch to pitch. Participants will participate in teamwork through a range of activities to develop a prototype for an app, explore design and programming approaches, and present their ideas to a group. 

Sessions: Morning (9am-12pm)   OR   Afternoon (1-4pm)


Discover what’s really going on inside ourselves and the ground we walk on! Through experiments and discussions, you will learn to change the living world through biotechnology. Become part of an ever growing community from around the world, by contributing to scientific discovery and learning your responsibilities of global citizenship!

Sessions: Morning (9am-12pm)   OR   Afternoon (1-4pm)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Circuits, circuits, circuits!  Everything that uses electricity from your smart phone to electric cars and robots relies on the concept of a simple circuit in order to function.  In this beginning electrical engineering course, you will explore the basic concepts of circuits, learn the physics behind circuits, and use state of the art circuit design software called Multisim (a National Instruments Professional circuit design software)  to design, build and test many different circuit designs right on your own PC. 

Sessions: Morning (9am-12pm)   OR   Afternoon (1-4pm)

Interactive Media & Game Development

This program of fun and learning will teach participants how to create a character model and set it up for animation. Participants will work in industry standard tools, modeling in Zbrush and rigging and animating in Maya.

Sessions: Morning (9am-12pm)   OR   Afternoon (1-4pm)


Participants will explore the behavior of particles and light, forces and interactions, matter and energy, black holes, and various laws of physics!  The session will include online demonstrations, audio-visuals, mathematical formulas and equations, and hands-on activities guided by the instructors in a virtual environment. Participants will also get an opportunity to learn about how scientific research is done by visiting some physics research laboratories virtually.

Sessions: Morning (9am-12pm)   OR   Afternoon (1-4pm)

Robotics Engineering

Description coming soon. (Students will need a Makeblock Robot Kit to participate in the virtual program.  Examples: pink kit, blue kit)

Sessions: Afternoon (1-4pm)


See a STEM course that piques your interest? Our pre-college courses for high school students in 9th and 10th grade are immersive and interactive, providing students the opportunity to learn from world-renowned WPI faculty. If you’re ready to explore college courses that challenge you to solve complex problems, be sure to register for Launch!