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The STEM Education Center offers a variety of professional development workshops for teachers during the academic year as well as throughout the summer. We focus on enriching STEM education in the classroom at both the subject specific level and as fully integrated subject content & practices across STEM fields. Scroll down to review the upcoming PD offerings. 

Please note: All workshops require a minimum number of registrations to run.  For more information about any of these professional development opportunities, please email Donna Taylor at

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All PD's are currently offered as online, interactive experiences. Contact Donna Taylor with questions.

I am STEM, STEM, lesson library, PK-5, Design process

I am STEM Workshops

In preparation for MA STEM Week, the STEM Education Center is offering several free 90-minute virtual, interactive sessions that will introduce educators to the I am STEM – STEM I am lesson library. This library of lessons focuses on solving problems in books and is designed to empower PK-6 students to become proud problem solvers. All lessons are aligned with grade-level ELA and math/STE standards, can be done in the classroom or remotely, and use every day and recyclable materials. Our free online workshops will introduce you to the problem solving process, show you how to navigate the library on our new website, allow you to briefly explore grade level lessons (including 6 new lessons) as well as, try out an activity with colleagues. 

OpenSciEd training, professional development, PD

OpenSciEd & Storyline Training

Join us for our Storyline and OpenSciEd (OSE) training for middle school educators and coaches. Discover the Storyline model, a student led process for teaching and learning science and the shift it brings to student engagement and motivation. Explore OSE, a high quality and open resource curriculum, through our interactive PD experience, and connect with colleagues to practice techniques and prepare for implementation that will transform your science classroom. This is the PD you've been waiting for, so don't miss out! 


Dates: August 8-11, 2022

Note:  The number of spaces are limited and will be determined on a first-come first-served basis. 

If you are interested in bringing this PD to your school, please contact Donna for more information.

Presentations in the certification program

STEM Educator Certificate Course

Join us for the 9th cohort of the STEM Educator Certificate Course, which engages participants in unpacking the knowledge and skills required of STEM educators, while adapting the content to their subject area, students, and community. The course covers topics such as the framework for high-quality STEM, standard-alignment, the engineering design process, diversity and equity in STEM, real world connection, and STEM pedagogy. The final project is an integrated STEM Challenge, which is aligned with all the components of high-quality STEM. Graduate credit is available.

Dates: July 25-29, 2022

Contact Donna with any questions.


equity, access, STEM

Equity, Inclusion & Antiracism for High Quality STEM Learning

Find out what it means to be antiracist and explore the barriers to inclusion in STEM.  Learn with others how to reframe the issues and implement strategies such as culturally responsive teaching (CRT) to work towards equity in STEM.

Dates: July 19 and 21, 2022

Contact Donna with any questions.


Children participating in the Seeds of Stem program

Seeds of STEM

Problem Panda has a LOT of problems!  Step into the shoes of a preschool student and experience this hands-on approach to doing STEM with young children.  Our curriculum binder, color images and Problem Panda can be included!  Come play with us!

Dates: July 12 & July 14 from 10am-2:30pm ET + 2 follow-up dates, Oct. 21, 2022 and January 13, 2023

Contact Mia with questions or for more information.

Also consider inquiring about In-School PD's

TouchTomorrow for Educators, STEM, PD, FREE

TouchTomorrow for Educators

Are you a PK-12 educator looking for a unique way to enjoy TouchTomorrow?  Formal, informal, and home-school educators are invited to join us at WPI’s annual festival.  Stop by our booth to learn more about the exciting STEM professional development opportunities available this summer and discuss creative ways to bring STEM to your students or children through STEM challenges. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Educators participating in the STEM and STEAM Projects

Solving Real World Problems

Looking for ways to bring relevant, real world problems to your students? Join us for this hands-on experience that will immerse you in the problem solving process and show you how to guide your students to content and skill mastery, both in the classroom and virtually.

Dates: TBD

Consider inquiring about In-School PD's

RET, STEM lab, WPI, research, teachers

Summer Research Experiences at WPI

Apply to be part of the WPI RET (Research Experiences for Teachers) Site: Engineering for People and the Planet for middle and high school STEM teachers to conduct paid research for 6 full weeks at WPI in a team with a WPI faculty member and pre-service teacher. Research experiences focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for an integrated approach of learning and doing science, math, and engineering through real-world problems. Teachers will participate in professional development to translate their research experience into classroom activities, as well as present their work to broader audiences. 

Dates: July 5 – August 16, 2022
Location: WPI Research Labs on Campus (in person)

Applications are now closed

Engineering Design Process, Elementary STEM
I am STEM, Elementary STEM
I am STEM, Elementary STEM
I am STEM, Elementary STEM
I am STEM, Elementary STEM

The I am STEM Lesson Library is a huge success!

Thanks to continued funding from the Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council, the I am STEM lesson library has been expanded to include more lessons (PK-6), incorporate culturally and linguistically responsive teaching strategies and is housed on a new website. Whether you're new to the library or if you've tried it with students in the past, joining us for an upcoming PD session to see what's new and get inspired to solve problems with your students!

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