The STEM Education Center develops and conducts in-school professional development workshops for PreK-12 educators to address the specific needs of your school, district, or program. These workshops can be formatted as a standalone day, a half-day, or a series of days. All programs offered by the Center are aligned with the Common Core, NGSS and/or model key elements of the MA Teacher Evaluation Rubric.

Take a look at some examples of our PDs, or contact Mia Dubosarsky at to set up a consultation meeting to discuss your STEM PD needs and wishes.  

New: Four new Tech/Engineering PDs in your school!

Introduction to CAD (Computer-aided design) Software. This engineering workshop helps teachers incorporate CAD software and processes into their STEM, PBL, or Engineering classes.  The PD covers the basics of CAD software and teaching strategies related to CAD teaching.  Workshop includes: Introduction, CAD challenge (in teams), presentation and discussion, challenge modification.

3D Printing, from the box to the classroom. This technology/engineering workshop guides teachers through all steps of 3D printing and brings to life students’ CAD work as a physical object.  The PD covers basic operation of the printer, troubleshooting guide for startup and routine operations, design philosophies, limitations to avoid common mistakes encountered, and resources for standard-based designs.

Assistive Technology Projects. This integrated, standard-based STEM PD demonstrates how AT is ideal as a topic for cross-curricular activities in a diverse range of subjects, but bringing concrete examples of STEM projects that result in assistive technology prototypes. The workshop provides hands-on experience with designing and building a prototype that addresses a specific disability. Teams of teachers will present their designs to the other participants, and time will be provided for teachers to network with participants who may share the same interests. 

Toward High Quality Science and Engineering Fair Projects. This PD leads teachers through the process of guiding students in development of high quality research projects for a science/engineering fair such as the Worcester Regional Science and Engineering Fair (WRSEF) held in February each year at WPI.  The workshop covers all phases of the project, from topic development through presenting at the fair: logbook practices, poster board design and production, paperwork required to enter projects, and presentation strategies for maximum effect. 

Cost for PDs

The PD fees will be determined based on the length of the program as well as the travel expenses. We can accommodate up to 35 teachers in a workshop. PD fees cover all handouts and materials that will be distributed during the workshop.

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