STEM Professional Development at your School or Organization


The STEM Education Center facilitates professional development (PD) and consulting sessions with schools, districts and community organizations based on desired goals. 
All of our programs meet the standards for high quality PD and are aligned with 
National and State Standards. Our PDs are interactive, model cooperative 
learning pedagogy and incorporate considerations for culturally sustaining practices. 

As we know from research, a one time engagement does not lead to meaningful change in practice. Therefore, we give priority to schools/districts that support educators through a professional development series, allowing time for teachers to practice what they learn and providing a more comprehensive and sustainable approach. 

PDs can be conducted in-person or virtually.

The Process for Scheduling a PD or Consultation

We start by listening to you. The Center's PD team consists of experienced STEM educators who understand teaching and learning, educators’ needs, and classroom constraints. Our goal is to develop STEM PDs that meet your goals, recognizing that every school, district, and community-based organization has unique visions and stakeholders. 


Image showing the steps to PD at your school (Inquiry form, Zoom consultation & Written proposal)

There is no charge for these initial steps if you choose not to accept the proposal. We can run any of our current PDs, or develop a workshop specifically for your teachers/staff.

Complete our inquiry form to share your PD needs and schedule a free consultation.


PD Topic Ideas

We have conducted numerous PD's around a variety of topics.  Click below to get some ideas or ask us to develop something completely new. We are ready to work with you.  For questions or to schedule a consultation, please contact Mia Dubosarsky.

Unpacking the STEM Framework
  • Core Ideas Progression
  • Understanding the 3-Dimensions of the Framework
  • Unpacking the 8 NGSS Science Practices
Engineering Design and PBL
  • Understanding Engineering Design 
  • Seeds of STEM: Our PK/K STEM Curriculum
  • Engineering a Story:  Solving Problems in Storybooks
  • Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Training for Teachers
  • Math Project and Problem Based Learning
  • Problem Based Learning:  Authentic, Real World and Relevant
  • STEM/STEAM projects 
Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum Development
  • Scope and Sequence and Unit Development for Elementary Science
  • Scope and Sequence and Unit Development for Middle School Science
Online Teaching Tools and Strategies
  • Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning:  Engage, Enhance, Extend
  • Advanced Online Teaching and Learning: Integrating Problem Solving Remotely
Equitable Strategies for an Inclusive STEM Classroom
  • Asset Based Collaborative Teamwork in the STEM Classroom
  • Supporting Equity, Access and Diversity in STEM
Coding and Computational Thinking
  • Coding and Computational Thinking for PK-1
  • Coding and Computational Thinking for Grades 2-5
High Quality Assessment Strategies
  • Keys to Quality Classroom Assessment
  • Developing Standards Aligned Learning Targets
  • Developing High Quality Performance Assessment Rubrics
The Storyline Model of Teaching and Learning Science
  • Understanding the Storyline Model
  • The Process of Doing Science
OpenSciEd Training
  • Understanding the Storyline Model
  • OSE Storyline Routines
  • OSE Unit Planning (Middle School & High School)

Cost for PDs

The PD fees will be determined based on the type and length of the program, number of participants, and travel expenses. PD fees cover all handouts and materials that will be distributed during the workshop. Exact fees will be established after the initial consultation and will be included in the proposal. 

As referenced above, the Center gives priority to schools/districts who commit to a more comprehensive approach to professional development through a series of PD's. 

One time engagement (1-8 hrs) : $2500
Series of PDs : $1500 (1-4 hrs) or $2500 (5-8 hrs)
Note: Additional 10% discount provided for 5 or more sessions

Special discounts are also provided for Worcester Public Schools and with our partner districts.


Schools and Organizations

MA Public School Districts

We have conducted in-school PD with more than 35 Massachusetts public school districts including  both rural and urban settings. Some of the districts include...

  • Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District
  • Belchertown Public Schools
  • Fitchburg Public Schools
  • Leominster Public Schools
  • Malborough Public Schools
  • Peabody Public Schools
  • Pentucket Regional School District
  • Southwick Tolland Granville Regional School District
  • Worcester Head Start
  • Worcester Public Schools 
OpenSciEd logo

School Implementation of OpenSciEd

During the 2023 academic year, we have conducted a series of professional development sessions with teachers in Southwick Tolland Granville Regional School District, introducing the OpenSciEd (OSE) curriculum to Grade 5-12 educators.

During the sessions, participants experienced OSE routines in student hat, reflected in teacher hat and reviewed upcoming units to plan for implementation. 

Private Schools and Organizations in MA

We have conducted PD with multiple private schools and community organizations in Massachusetts. Among them are...

  • Andover School of Montessori​
  • Boys and Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster
  • Collaborative for Educational Services
  • Jack & Jill Preschool
  • Latino Education Institute
  • Venerini Academy
  • WooLabs Partnerships
Educator and student solving a problem together

Project Based Learning with WooLabs Partners

Over the last two years, the STEM Education Center has partnered with Worcester Education Collaborative(WEC) to facilitate professional development for their WooLabs partner organizations and provide support as each of them developed PBL projects for their students. 

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