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The STEM Education Center develops and conducts in-school professional development workshops for PreK-12 educators to address the specific needs of your school, district, or program. These workshops can be formatted as a standalone day, a half-day, or a series of days. All programs offered by the Center are aligned with the Common Core, NGSS and/or model key elements of the MA Teacher Evaluation Rubric.

The Process for Scheduling a PD

The Center's PD team consists of experienced STEM Educators who understand education standards, school and teachers' needs, and classroom constraints. 
Our goal is to develop STEM PDs that meet your objectives, recognizing that every school and district has unique needs and wishes. 

When you inquire about inviting the STEM Education Center to conduct a PD at your school/district, we will schedule a 1-hour consultation call. During the call we will discuss your goals and expectations for the PD, your long term goals regarding STEM or science, and growth expectations for your staff. Following the call we will share with you a proposal which includes a tentative agenda to be discussed at a follow up meeting. There is no charge for these initial steps if you choose not to accept the proposal. We can run any of our current PDs, or develop a workshop specifically for your teachers.

To schedule a consultation call please contact Mia Dubosarsky at or call 508-831-5617.   

Cost for PDs

The PD fees will be determined based on the length of the program as well as the travel expenses. We can accommodate up to 35 teachers in a workshop. PD fees cover all handouts and materials that will be distributed during the workshop.

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