For PK-12 Educators

Teachers at a STEM Education Center workshop

At WPI’s STEM Education Center, we believe that teaching high-quality STEM is more than simply emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

STEM is an educational philosophy, a way of teaching that prepares students for the world of the future by creating interconnected, authentic, relevant and inclusive learning experiences while promoting skills that allow students to become successful problem solvers.

We build and support the capacity of STEM educators to provide equitable opportunities that excite and inspire all students by offering standard-aligned PBL experiences tackling issues of real-world relevance and research-based best practices

Image showing, Since 2012, the center has with over 6500 educators across 15 states on 3 continents.
The STEM Certificate course gave me the confidence to make connections between math and science and the courage to incorporate engineering into my lessons. I am now empowered to try things that used to be considered “out of my comfort zone”.
  • Kristy Ditrano
  • Middle School Math Teacher
  • PS/IS 119 in Glendale, Queens, NY
The WPI STEM Education Center is like a one stop shopping STEM experience for me; I can attend a PD session one day and implement it in my classroom the next day; I can even get materials on loan from the Center if needed. It's fun AND easy to use!
  • Christine Robbins
  • STEM Teacher
  • Auburn Middle School, Auburn, MA
The STEM Education Center was instrumental in launching our district-wide STEM initiative in 2018 and we have continued to access their PD offerings for ongoing support, guidance, and enhancement ever since! We could not have gotten this far without them!
  • Shawn Fortin
  • Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
  • Belchertown Public Schools, Belchertown, MA
The STEM Education Center provides exceptional support for and collaboration with educators for successful STEM implementation that is individualized to meet each school’s needs and missions.
  • Nana Abdelkader
  • STREAM Consultant
  • Alhuda Academy, Worcester, MA
My collaboration with WPI STEM Education Center has changed my life as an educator. I've never been more confident to incorporate STEM Education in my teaching practice for young children.
  • Suchira Channoi
  • Teacher
  • Worcester Head Start, Worcester, MA
photo of Andrew Hall
The process we went through with the STEM Education Center at WPI was truly a transformational experience for not only our district but for myself as a school leader. Walking through our classrooms, the imprint of that collaborative work can be seen everywhere you go.
  • Andrew Hall
  • Principal
  • Elmwood Street School Millbury, MA
Two smiling teachers working in a lab

Research Experience for Teachers

The WPI RET (Research Experiences for Teachers): Engineering for People and the Planet supports middle and high school STEM teachers to conduct paid research for 6 full weeks at WPI in a team with a WPI faculty member and pre-service teacher. Research experiences focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for an integrated approach of learning and doing science, math, and engineering through real-world problems. Teachers participate in professional development to translate their research experience into classroom activities, as well as present their work to broader audiences. 

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Additional PK-12 STEM Education Teaching Tools available through WPI

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