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The STEM Education Center offers a variety of professional development workshops for teachers on WPI's campus during the academic year as well as throughout the summer. We focus on enriching STEM education in the classroom at both the subject specific level and as fully integrated subject content & practices across STEM fields. Scroll down to review the upcoming PD offerings. 

Please note: All workshops require a minimum number of registrations to run; registration closes one week prior to each workshop. For more information about any of these professional development opportunities, please email Donna Taylor at dltaylor@wpi.edu


STEM Club - registration NOW OPEN!

Click here for more information and to register for STEM Club!  (Starts October 16th)

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"I am so happy to have found STEM club!  It's great to meet and share ideas with others working towards the same goals." - Vanessa Haerle from Sutton Middle School


Seeds of STEM: A Problem-based STEM Curriculum for Preschool Classrooms

  • Target Audience: Pre-school teachers and administrators
  • Term: Fall
  • Dates:  December 6-7 (Friday-Saturday); 8:30-3:00
  • Registration Fee: 
    $300 with a classroom kit (curriculum binder, color images, and Panda) ​
    $180 without classroom kit
  • PDPs/CEUs: 12/1.2

Description: Seeds of STEM is a research-based curriculum tested in more than 40 classrooms with great results. The interactive PD will introduce preschool teachers and administrators to the problem-solving process and to all 8 units of the curriculum. 

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E-mail Mia Dubosarsky at mdubosarsky@wpi.edu for more information.

NEW! STEM Educator Certificate Course

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Educators collaborating and presenting information on the STE Practices during our Winter 2019 STEM Certificate Course.

The next course will begin in January 2020

  • Target Audience: PK-12 educators and administrators
  • Term: Winter/Spring
  • Dates:  6 Saturdays (January - May 2020) from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
    • 1/11,2/8,3/7,3/28,5/2,5/30
  • Fee: $720 (special rate for Worcester Public Schools educators; scholarships available) + $780 for a graduate credit extension
    Accommodation on campus may be available for additional fee  
  • PDPs/CEUs: 60/6.0 
  • Graduate Credit: This course is offered as a 3-graduate credit course from WPI (optional) 
    As part of WPI’s commitment to support full time PK-12 educators, the course is offered at a rate of $500 per credit (total of $1,500), which represents a 50% discount of the regular WPI tuition rate. 

Description: Everything STEM educators need to know and be able to do! 
The STEM Educator Certificate course engages participants in unpacking the knowledge and skills required of STEM educators, while adapting the content to their students and community. The 11 course sessions, designed based on input from over 150 educators, cover topics such as framework for high-quality STEM, STEM unit development, standard-alignment, the engineering design process, diversity & equity in STEM, real world connection, STEM pedagogy, and resources. The course is led by experienced STEM educators who model cooperative learning and STEM pedagogy. The final project presented during the last session is an integrated STEM Challenge which is aligned with all components of high-quality STEM.

Graduate-credit requirement: In addition to the PDP level tasks, educators who sign up for the 3 graduate-credit extension will submit a research paper related to one of the topics addressed in the course (literature and guidance will be offered by the instructors). 

Registration is NOW OPEN - Click here to register!

Exploring Modeling at the EcoTarium

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Teachers developing and using models during our Summer 2018 one day workshop.

Target Audience: Pre-K – 8 Educators

  • Term: Academic Year
  • Date & Time: October 24, 2019, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Registration fee: FREE (grant funded by CMSN)
  • PDPs/CEUs: 6/0.6

Description: The STEM Education Center at WPI and the EcoTarium have teamed to create this PD that unpacks the second NGSS practice: Developing and Using Models. In the morning, participants will examine a variety of ways to model/represent a phenomenon and discuss the ways that scientists, engineers, and mathematicians use models in their daily work. Participants will then engage in a hands on engineering activity related to developing and using models.  In the afternoon, participants will explore the planetarium as a model and then go on a scavenger hunt to find models in the museum that correlate to their STE standards. 

Registration is now CLOSED as we have reached capacity.

Email Donna Taylor with any questions.

STEM Club Share-a-thon

  • STEM Club Dec 19c.jpg

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    Educators designing and testing a water filter during our Dec. 2018 STEM Club presented by Mary Stinchfield, grade 5 teacher at Northbridge Middle School.
    Target Audience: Pre-K – 8 Educators
  • Term: Academic Year
  • Date & Time: Wed. Sept. 18, 2019, 4 – 6:30 pm
  • Registration fee: FREE (grant funded by CMSN)
  • PDPs/CEUs: 2.5/0.25

Description:  Thanks to grant funding by the Central MA STEM Network (CMSN), the STEM Education Center will be hosting a FREE STEM Club Share-a-thon in celebration of MA STEM Week.

This is a casual event where educators can learn more about STEM Club, identify ways to connect during STEM Week and get great STEM Challenge ideas from classroom teachers in an "open house" style format.  Selected PK-12 educators will be sharing quality lesson ideas, many of which were developed through our new STEM Certificate Class. Participants will receive handouts, as well as, digital copies of the lessons shared.

Looking for great ideas to use during STEM Week and throughout the school year?  You won't want to miss this event!

Registration is NOW CLOSED - thanks for a great event!

Please contact Donna Taylor with any questions.

Tentative projects being presented:
1. Hexbug Challenge, Pre-K or KForces and Interactions, Tech/Eng, Math & ELA
2. A Place in the Shade, ElemEarth's Place in the Universe, Tech/Eng
3. Zip Line Challenge, Elem, Forces and Interactions, Tech/Eng
4. Shipwrecked Challenge: Using STEM for Survival, Elem/MS, Technology & Engineering
5. Transportation Pipeline, MS, Tech/Eng, Math & ELA
6. Mitigating the Impact of Natural HazardsMS, Natural Hazards, Tech/Eng
7. Wacky Shoe, MS, Technology and Engineering
8. Circuits and Signals, Elem/MS, Energy Conversion and Transfer
9. STEAM Mini Challenges to Teach Design Thinking, Elem, Tech/Eng & Design Thinking Skills
10. Modeling the Solar System using Stop Motion Animation, Elem/MS, Earth's Place in the Universe, Tech/Eng
11. WE Video: Continental Drift, MS, Earth's Systems, Tech/Eng & ELA
12. Students as Change Agents: Solving Real World Problems in the Classroom, MS, Math, Tech/Eng
13. Forge of Innovation- The Genesis of the Industrial Revolution in Central/Western MA, MS/HS, History,Tech/Eng