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Data Science Certificate

WPI’s Graduate Certificate in Data Science prepares you to harness, analyze, and interpret data in real-world applications as data scientists. To complete this six-course certificate program, you’ll take one class from each of the five core categories of Data Science coursework; Integrative Data Science, Mathematical Analytics, Data Access and Management, Data Analytics and Mining, Business Intelligence and Case Studies. You will also take a sixth course in an elective area, allowing you to specialize your certificate to reflect your interests and career intentions. Application requirements are the same for the Certificate Program as for the Masters of Science degree.

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The Graduate Certificate in Data Science is granted after completion of the six course program of study. Courses taken in the Certificate Program may subsequently also be applied to count towards the M.S. degree in Data Science at WPI.

You will choose five courses, one from each of the following:

  1. Integrative Data Science:
    1. DS 501 Introduction to Data Science
  2. Mathematical Analytics (Select one):
    1. MA 543/DS 502 Statistical Methods for Data Science
    2. MA 542. Regression Analysis
    3. MA 554. Applied Multivariate Analysis
  3. Data Access and Management (Select one):
    1. CS 542. Database Management Systems
    2. MIS 571. Database Applications Development
    3. CS 561. Advanced Topics in Database Systems
    4. CS 585/DS 503. Big Data Management
  4. Data Analytics and Mining (Select one):
    1. CS 548. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
    2. CS 539. Machine Learning
    3. CS 586/DS 504. Big Data Analytics
  5. Business Intelligence and Case Studies (Select one):
    1. MIS 584. Business Intelligence
    2. MKT 568. Data Mining Business Applications

Your sixth course, or elective, may be chosen from any of the Data Science courses so you can tailor your certificate to your specific interests. A complete listing of all courses pre-approved as electives for the Data Science program may be found in the WPI Graduate Catalog under Data Science

In particular, two elective courses designed as ramp up courses for students who may be lacking in sufficient background in either statistics or programming, respectively, are listed below. At most one of these two courses can be used towards the certificate in Data Science:

MA 511. Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

CS 5007. Intro to Applications of CS with Data Structures and Algorithms (Programming for non-CS majors)