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WPI’s Graduate Certificate in Data Science prepares you to harness, analyze, and interpret data in real-world applications as data scientists. To complete this 12 credit certificate program, you will need to finish coursework consisting of DS 501 Integrative Data Science, two additional core courses, and a fourth course in an elective area, allowing you to specialize your certificate to reflect your interests and career intentions. Application requirements are the same for the Certificate Program as for the Masters of Science degree.

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The Graduate Certificate in Data Science is granted after completion of 12 credits program of study. Courses taken in the Certificate Program may subsequently also be applied to count towards the M.S. degree in Data Science at WPI. Students who have completed or are currently enrolled in a graduate degree at WPI (other than Data Science) can double count graduate credits from their graduate degree to meet up to one-third of the graduate credits for a (subsequent) Graduate Certificate in Data Science. 

The certificate 12 credits must satisfy the following criteria: 

  1. DS 501 is mandatory,
  2. Two additional courses must be from the Data Science core courses listed in the graduate catalog, and 
  3. The remaining credits can be earned from any Data Science elective course(s) listed in the graduate catalog or otherwise approved by the program.

For students lacking a background in either the computational side or the statistical side, they should consider taking one of the following ramp up courses as the elective course, which will help them building the needed background.

DS 517. Mathematical Foundations for Data Science
CS 5007. Intro to Applications of CS with Data Structures and Algorithms (Programming for non-CS majors)



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