Degree in International & Global Studies

Bachelor of Science

In our global, interdependent world, the need for professionals who possess international and technical expertise is greater than ever. The International & Global Studies program at WPI integrates the humanities, social sciences, business, science, and engineering to help students fulfill that need.

Value Proposition Description

Available as a minor, major, or double major, the International & Global Studies program includes a required study abroad experience during one of your terms and allows you to construct your own course load that caters to your specific interests and career goals.


In the International & Global Studies major, you’ll plan a course of study with a thematic, analytic, or geographic approach. Coursework may focus on areas such as humanities and arts, social sciences, business, the sciences, and engineering. Your academic advisor will be there every step of the way to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.



Project-based Learning

At WPI, projects are at the heart of our curriculum––from classroom projects across disciplines to major capstone projects to community-based projects.  As an international & global studies major, your projects might touch everything from a study of bus emissions in Hong Kong to optimizing microfinance in Paraguay to social entrepreneurship in Morocco.

More Value

Whether it’s real-world work experience through a co-op or internshipearning a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four or five years through the BS/MS program, or integrating your coursework with your extracurricular interests through Major and a Mission, there are many ways you can make the most out of your time at WPI.