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WPI undergraduates can begin work on a graduate degree simultaneously by enrolling in a combined Bachelor’s/Master’s (BS/MS) program. This accelerated course of study allows students to obtain a MS degree after only five years of full-time work (i.e., typically one year after completion of the BS), and even in four years with careful planning and academic advising and support. Students often obtain the BS and MS in the same field or department, but with advanced planning, some students complete the combined BS/MS program in two different fields; the combination of a BS in Civil Engineering and an MS in Fire Protection Engineering is a common example.

BS/MS Program Information Session

The next virtual information session for the BS/MS program will take place in September. Please check back in August to register for that session.

Below is information about upcoming departmental specific BS/MS information sessions.

School of Business - Wednesday, September 15 at 12:00pm in Salisbury Labs Room 105. Registration will open soon.
School of Business - Wednesday, November 10 at 12:00pm in Salisbury Labs Room 105.  Registration will open soon.

WPI recently held a virtual BS/MS program information session for current undergraduates. A recording of the session is available online.

BS/MS Information sessions for the following departments are listed below:

Foisie School of Business - Eric, BSMS

BS/MS Programs for Entering Students

WPI offers several specially designed BS/MS programs for entering students. These include Financial Mathematics, Fire Protection Engineering, and Industrial Mathematics.

Eric shares why he selected WPI for the BS/MS program option as it allowed him to pursue both the technical and business degrees. Hear his story.

How to Apply to the Combined BS/MS Program

Applications for the specially designed BS/MS program for entering students are applied through the undergraduate application. For all other BS/MS programs, students apply for admission during their junior year, typically after they have established their curriculum and other program requirements and completed the Course Selection Form with their faculty advisors. These applications are submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions and are processed with all other graduate applications. Once a decision has been reached, the Office of Graduate Admissions will notify the student with a formal letter, usually within six weeks of receiving the application.