Merging course and project work in mathematics and learning sciences, WPI’s Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators (MMED) enables classroom teachers to expand their mathematical expertise while creating more targeted and engaging learning environments for their students.

The program is designed for current middle school, high school, and community college mathematics educators who are seeking to obtain professional licensure in Massachusetts. All classes meet in the late afternoon and evening, and course content can be immediately applied in your own classroom.

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The MMED program entails 30 credit hours of work, including three courses in learning sciences, five math content courses, and a culminating self-designed project.

You may select from a wide variety of courses in learning assessment and evaluation: delve into the foundations of learning theory, learn advanced qualitative and quantitative assessment methods, and explore current trends and topics in education. Math content courses are designed specifically for educators and enable you to hone your knowledge in advanced topics in areas including geometry, algebra, modeling, discrete math, and statistics.

Throughout your program of study, you will also learn about modern technologies and applications, including exercises that can be used to challenge and inspire your own students.


Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Brigitte Servatius
Mathematical Sciences

I pose this question: if I dip a wire cage of a cube into soap bubbles, can I get a hexagon? These are questions I love posing to my students. Likewise, I appreciate all questions my students ask me, regardless of how ridiculous they may seem. Every question is worth asking and investigating, and WPI encourages this innovative way of thinking.

John Goulet
Teaching Professor
Mathematical Sciences

Teaching at WPI is a great opportunity to help incoming freshmen make the transition from high school to college as well as gain the pleasure and satisfaction that higher education can bring. Further, the WPI Plan is a unique approach to education, and John brings both enthusiasm and a special perspective as one of its first graduates. He appreciates the great people the students are and assists them into making mathematics a successful part of their start.

Getting Involved

Getting Involved

As a student in our close-knit program, you will have many opportunities to network with fellow teachers from schools across the state of Massachusetts. You will also find it easy to become involved in WPI’s active campus community, from attending musical performances to working out in our state-of-the-art sports and recreation center.

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After Graduation