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WPI is happy to offer an Alumni Tuition Incentive program for all WPI alumni to help make continuing your education a more attainable option for your future. Designed to help you complete your Ph.D., MS or MBA degree at a reduced cost, this program is available to all alumni of WPI.

How Does the Program Work?

To participate in WPI’s alumni tuition incentive program, you must be registered for any credit-bearing course at WPI. The program is a pilot through the Academic Year 2021-2022, ending in June 2022. Each graduate course you are registered for in this year will be discounted by 20%. The 20% discount will apply to every course and you may complete as many credits as you like.

The Details

All eligible students are pre-coded to participate, so all you need to do is register for the courses you want!

The following restrictions apply:

  • If you are eligible for multiple discounts, the largest discount available to you will be applied
  • If you have questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at

Presenter Amanda Keighley, from the Office of Graduate Studies, provides an overview of WPI’s alumni tuition incentive program, graduate programs delivery methods, and how to take advantage of the new alumni tuition incentive program in this online webinar.