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Registration is now available for the upcoming 2021 summer term, which is currently expected to be held completely online.  

Courses are offered in two sessions: a seven-week session that begins shortly after the conclusion of the WPI academic year; and a five-week session that ends in early August. With the options of taking one or more online classes—not to mention a 50% discount on every undergraduate summer session course—the summer schedule offers flexibility and multiple options to meet your distinct goals.

Session 1 (7 weeks): May 24-July 9, 2021
Session 2 (5 weeks): July 12-August 13, 2021

Why Summer at WPI


financial assistance for K-12 students to attend WPI summer programs 


failing grades 

The WPI Plan
7 weeks

per term for undergraduate studies

The WPI Plan

students-to-faculty ratio 

Frequently Asked Question

  • How much does one credit cost?
    • Undergraduate- $737 per credit which is 50% off the full price 

    • The cost for one 3-credit class is $2211 (it is $737 per credit).  

  • What is the registration deadline?
    • The deadline to sign up for a course is the first day of the term. 

    • The deadline for E1 session is May 24.

    • The deadline for E2 session is July 12. 

  • Is there any English requirements for the summer courses?
    • There is no requirement for English level to take the course at WPI. 
  • What is the add/drop and refund policy?
    • Students can get a refund before the add/drop period end. (05/28 for E1 Undergraduate and 06/07 for E1 Graduate course)  

    • Last day to withdraw from E1 courses (graduate students & high-school students only) (No refund)  

    • Last day to add/drop E2 term courses (07/16 for E1 Undergraduate and 06/07 for E1 Graduate course) 

    • Last day to withdraw from E2 and Summer 14-week courses (graduate students & non-degree students only) (07/30)