WPI offers a variety of institutional scholarships to admitted first-year students each year. The listing below provides some details on each scholarship. All first-year applicants for admission are automatically considered for scholarships. No additional applications are required with the exception of the WPI FIRST and VEX Robotics Scholarships.  

Presidential Scholarship

WPI offers this scholarship to first-year applicants based on academic performance in high school, recommendations, leadership, extracurricular involvement, and community service. These scholarships vary in amounts and are renewable for four years. IB diploma graduates with a diploma score of 40 or greater admitted to WPI are guaranteed an academic merit-based Presidential scholarship worth a minimum of $20,000.

Global Scholarship

All incoming first-year students receive a Global Scholarship of up to $5,000, to complete a project at one of WPI’s 40+ project centers domestically and abroad. Learn more about the Global Projects Program, or see a FAQ about the scholarship.

Great Minds Scholars Program

The Great Minds Scholars program is a WPI initiative designed to meet the full demonstrated financial need, up to the cost of tuition and fees, of selected Pell-eligible students enrolled in the Worcester Public Schools who are interested in attending WPI. Learn more about the Great Minds Scholars program.

Specialty Merit-Based Scholarship Programs

Chemistry & Biochemistry Scholars Program

Chemistry and Biochemistry Scholars will automatically be selected from all accepted students who indicate chemistry or biochemistry as their intended area of study on their admissions application. Selection by the Scholarship Committee will be based upon the candidate's academic performance in high school. Students selected for this highly competitive program will be given special access to faculty, research opportunities and visiting scientists. In addition to the scholars program, each Chemistry and Biochemistry Scholar receives an academic merit-based scholarship. These scholarships vary in amounts and are renewable for four years. Learn more about the program. Selected in March.

Girls Who Code Scholarship

The WPI Girls Who Code Scholarship was established in 2016 to recognize outstanding young women passionate about solving problems through innovation and technology, and who have excelled in the Girls Who Code program as well as in their academic performance in high school. Selected WPI GWC Scholars will receive $20,000 per year for up to four years of undergraduate study. Five WPI GWC Scholars are selected each year in March.

NCSSS Scholarship Program 

Each year, this competitive scholarship opportunity awards up to 2 accepted students from each NCSSS school a scholarship valued at $40,000 or more (or $10,000 or more per year for up to four years). All accepted students are considered; current NCSSS students should apply for admission directly to WPI. Selections will be made on a rolling basis from January to April.  Selections will be based on academic performance, program of study, recommendations, and personal statement. Submissions of project-based academic work and examples of work from summer programs and other academic experiences are welcome as well as part of the admissions evaluation process.

Project Lead The Way Scholarship

Project Lead The Way is a curriculum framework that provides hands on, real-world activities, projects and problems that help students understand how the knowledge and skills they develop in the classroom may be applied in everyday life. In partnership with the Mass STEM Hub, WPI provides scholarships to five students who have completed at least three Project Lead The Way courses at a Massachusetts high school. These awards are valued at $20,000 and are renewable for four years. Selections will be based upon academic performance and success in the Project Lead The Way program at their high school. Selections will be notified in March.

FIRST Scholarships

WPI is a long time supporter of the FIRST program and is proud to have been the inaugural university to offer a full-tuition FIRST scholarship starting in 1996. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a multinational non-profit organization that aspires to transform culture, making science, math, engineering, and technology as cool for kids as sports are today. Learn more about WPI scholarships available for FIRST participants.

VEX Scholarships

WPI partners with VEX Robotics and is proud to offer scholarships to participants in this program. Each year WPI will award a grand prize scholarship of $80,000 ($20,000 per year, for four years) and two runner-up scholarships of $10,000 ($2,500 per year, for four years). Learn more about and apply for the WPI VEX scholarships.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

WPI will award up to three $10,000 scholarships to students transferring to WPI from an accredited two-year college. A GPA of 3.5 is required and candidates must have submitted their completed application for admission and all supporting materials by the deadlines listed below. Please note that part-time students and students with previous bachelors' degrees are not eligible. The scholarship committee will emphasize the rigor of the applicant's curriculum, recommendations, and any demonstrated leadership ability or outstanding extracurricular and/or community involvement. The application deadline for fall entrance is May 15th (please note WPI does not offer a spring entrance option). Contact transfer@wpi.edu for more information.

Additional Financial Aid Information and Scholarship Opportunities

SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program

The SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards program is a private college saving plan. By enrolling in Tuition Rewards, students will earn guaranteed minimum scholarships at over 345 participating private colleges and universities across America! Tuition Reward Points accrue like frequent flyer miles and are typically earned by saving or investing with affiliated financial institutions or organizations. Each Tuition Reward Point is equal to $1.00 in tuition discounts if the student attends a participating college or university. The accumulated points represent the minimum scholarship (grant or other institutional discount) that the student will receive. At WPI SAGE Tuition Reward Dollars are incorporated into any need and/or merit-based scholarship funds offered to prospective undergraduate, first year students. Additionally, WPI Sage Scholarships adhere to the same scholarship renewal criteria as other WPI need and/or merit-based scholarships. To qualify for the WPI SAGE Scholarship as a prospective undergraduate, first year student, you must submit your SAGE Tuition Reward Statement to WPI by the application deadline of November 1 for Early Action Round 1 applicants, January 1 for Early Action Round 2 applicants, or February 1 for Regular Decision applicants.  Visit the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards program in order to start earning your SAGE Scholars Tuition Reward points.

WPI Tuition Exchange Scholarships

Please note that recipients of the WPI Tuition Exchange Scholarship are not eligible to receive WPI Academic Merit-Based Scholarships, WPI University Awards, or WPI need based scholarships.

WPI Tuition Benefits Program

Please note that recipients of the WPI Tuition Benefit are not eligible to receive WPI Academic Merit-Based Scholarships, WPI University Awards, or WPI need based scholarships.

Note: The WPI Tuition Benefit Program is only applicable to dependents of current WPI employees. Please visit the Human Resources website for more information on this program.

ROTC Scholarships*

High School seniors applying for Air Force, Army, or Navy ROTC scholarships should be aware if they are awarded either a four-year or three-year advanced designee (full or partial tuition) scholarship, WPI will offer a room and board credit to go against room and board charges in conjunction with their ROTC scholarship. Please note that these room and board credits may not cover the entire room and board costs depending on the room and meal plan a student chooses. The room and board credit does not apply to transfer students or students who are awarded a ROTC scholarship after they have enrolled at WPI. Please call the WPI Office of Financial Aid for details.

For more information on the different types of ROTC programs offered at WPI please visit the individual department websites.

*Please note that no WPI need- or merit-based scholarships (which includes the WPI Room and Board Credits for ROTC) can exceed WPI's cost of attendance.