WPI welcomes applications from home school students. The application requirements, process, and deadlines are similar to those for other freshman applicants, with several additional forms of documentation required.

  • completion of math coursework through pre-calculus,
  • completion of two lab science courses,
  • completion of 4 English courses,
  • teacher recommendation (math or science preferred),
  • In addition to the Common Application, complete the Common Application School Report and Counselor Recommendation Form or the WPI Home school supplement form
  • personal interview with a member of the admissions staff is strongly recommended for all home-schooled students (this interview can be conducted over the phone for students at a great distance from campus).
  • Students must be sixteen years of age by the start of August New Student Orientation/Move-In Day to enroll at WPI.


Home-schooled students have several options to meet WPI's entrance requirements. If you have been affiliated with a recognized home school clearing house program, submit these transcripts. If you attended a traditional high school program for part of your high school career, submit those transcripts. Students may also submit certification that they have met their school district’s requirements for graduation or a GED. In lieu of these options, students may also submit a detailed roster of all academic coursework at the secondary level with supporting documentation attached.


Candidates for financial aid must obtain one of the following before matriculation at WPI:

  • Final high school transcript
  • GED equivalent
  • Certification that student has met local school district's graduation requirements

Please contact the Admissions Office at 508-831-5286 or at admissions@wpi.edu with any questions.