Alumni Beyond Our Towers

WPI alumni are among the most accomplished innovators, educators, makers, and doers. Armed with their WPI education, they have the knowhow and tenacity to work across disciplinary, cultural, and geographic boundaries to take on the world’s greatest and most consequential problems. Read through this page to see how our alumni are making a difference beyond our towers. 

More of our remarkable alumni can be found in our Hall of Luminaries.



Lauren Baker

Lauren Stratouly Baker ’82, ’85 MS, ’88 PhD

Consultant who assists companies with regulatory and clinical strategy work. 

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Piti Bhakdi

Piti Bhirom Bhakdi ‘02

Director of Boon Rawd Brewery, maker of Sinha Beer

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Woody Bradford

Woody Bradford ‘89

CEO and Chair of the Board at Conning

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Curt Carlson

Curt Carlson ‘67, Hon. 2006

Former President and CEO of SRI International, widely known for the development of high-definition television and Siri for the iPhone4.

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Anne Cheung

Anne Cheung ‘99

Research Scientist and Nonprofit Co-founder

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Lawrence Dallaire

Laurence Dallaire ’94, ’96 MS

Fire Protection Professional

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Jodi Gernon

Jodi Gernon ‘86

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Harvard Business School; Expert-in-Residence, Harvard Office of Technology Development; Girls with Impact Advisory Board Member

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Arthur Hyde

Arthur Hyde ‘77

Associate Professor of Practice and Automotive Engineering Program Director, University of Michigan

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Marco Kaltofen

Marco Kaltofen MS ’09, PhD ’15

President, Boston Chemical Data Corp.

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Albert LaValley

Albert LaValley ‘07

President, Sustainable Comfort Inc.; Co-owner of Deadhorse Hill restaurant in Worcester, Mass.

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Beth Phalen

Beth Phalen ‘85

President and General Manager of Dell EMC’s Data Protection Business (Retired)

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Bettina Potter ‘78

Director of Supply Chain for Ultra Machine Company (Retired)

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Joseph Quinlavan

Joseph Quinlivan MS ’95

Vice President of Global Robotics, Fulfillment, & Information Technologies, Amazon

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Eric Soederberg

Eric Soederberg ‘83

CEO, Sunrise Labs

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Herman Weigman

Herman Wiegman ‘88

Team Member and Fellow, Beta Technologies

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Leila Carvajal Erker

Leila Carvajal Erker ‘96

CEO and Founder, CocoaSupply

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