The Women Behind the Mission

Leading: The Women Behind the Mission

WPI’s Women’s Impact Network Executive, Impact Grant and Engagement Committees are in place to govern and drive WIN’s mission ensuring the pooled philanthropy has the greatest impact advancing WPI’s current and future women in STEM. 

Executive Committee 

Patti Newcomer-Small '90 Co-Chair 
Beth Anne Willett ’93 Co-Chair 
LindaLeigh Aberdale '88 
Audrey Fitzgerald 
Erica Mason '96 
Maureen McCaffrey '86 
Karen Oliver '82 
Janet O’Leary ‘84 
Karen Tegan Padir '90, MBA '95 
Beth Phalen '85 
Joan Szkutak '79
Jennifer Wyse '94 
Elizabeth Alletto, ex-officio 
Donna Stock, ’91, ex-officio 

Impact Grant Committee 

Audrey Fitzgerald, Co-Chair 
Karen Oliver ‘82, Co-Chair 
LindaLeigh Aberdale ‘88 
Maureen McCaffrey ‘86 
Janet O’Leary '84 
Suzanne Sontgerath '88 
Beth Anne Willett '93 


Engagement Committee 

Elizabeth Alletto 
Beth Anne Willett '93 
Patti Newcomer Small ‘90 
Avery Closser ’19, ‘22 
Melissa Besse ‘91