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Leading: The Women Behind the Mission

WPI’s Women’s Impact Network is led by an Executive Committee and two subcommittees. These leadership level volunteers drive WIN’s mission through annual events and the Impact Grant program to ensure their pooled philanthropy has the greatest impact upon WPI’s current and future women in STEM.

Executive Committee Members 

Laurie Leshin, President
Joan Szkutak '79, Co-Chair
Jennifer Wyse '94, Co-Chair
LindaLeigh Aberdale '88
Audrey Fitzgerald
Erica Mason '96
Maureen McCaffrey '86
Patti Newcomer-Small '90
Karen Oliver '82
Karen Tegan Padir '90, MBA '95
Beth Phalen '85
Donna Stock, ex-officio

Leadership level subcommittee volunteers 

Juliann Bussell '85
Susan Blanker
Joyce Kline '87
Janet O’Leary '84
Susan Loconto Penta '86
Rachel LeBlanc '02
Suzanne Sontgerath '88
Beth Anne Willett '93
Cari Windt '91