Every donor has a story, and we are honored to share with you those of WPI’s most generous alumni and friends.

Share your story, and tell us what inspires you to give to WPI.

“WPI donors support endowed scholarships at the university for many reasons. My donors, Edward and Millie Sydor established an endowed scholarship to give back for all they had been given. My reason was to fulfill a promise to Mr. Sydor that I would pay his gift forward. I join each and every WPI scholarship recipient when I thank our WPI donors for their continued loyalty and generosity to our great alma mater.”

- Deborah Foley McManus '97

“WPI opened many doors for Jack and enabled my family to enjoy a wonderful life. We endowed the John ‘Jack’ D. Cunic Scholarship to make sure that future students have the same opportunities that Jack did.”

– Mrs. John D. Cunic, wife of Jack Cunic ’68, ’71 MS

“WPI is in our hearts. We live and breathe it. I just wanted to pay back WPI for what it has meant to my husband’s life, and to my life."

-  Nancy Craig, husband of the late Donald Craig '57

“We had little appreciation at the time of how valuable the collaborative project experience would prove to be in our careers and in choosing the educational experiences for our family. The accessibility of our professors was also unique for an undergraduate program. Giving back annually is our way of saying thank you to WPI”.

- Lisa (LaChance) '84 and Christpher Heyl '84

“I fell in love with WPI at first sight and my experience was transformative. The education I received on The Hill prepared me for my professional career by driving the importance of turning the theoretical into the practical and I knew even then, if I had the opportunity to give back someday, I would. During recent visits to campus, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with students. It is deeply gratifying to listen to them, hear their stories and learn about their ambitions. I am delighted WPI is able to attract such bright young scholars and just as we did, they also aspire to make a contribution to society. Today’s students however, literally have a world of opportunities available to help them and the possibilities for their impact seem limitless. For this reason, I chose for my scholarship support to attract world-class students to the university and to support the key experience of studying abroad.”

- Art Katsaros '69

“I had many meaningful experiences during my time at WPI, but as the sixth of seven children, receiving the William R. Grogan ’46 Endowed Scholarship made those experiences possible. Due to my scholarship, work study and resident advisor roles, the only debt I took on at WPI was that of my global project, and I left The Hill with never-ending gratitude for WPI’s generations of generous donors.  My Interactive Qualifying Project in Darmstadt, Germany was a transformative experience of academic independence and cultural broadening. The work we did with the Frankfurt International Airport left my group feeling like we had made a difference in the world. Consequently, when I found a path to a job after my graduate studies at MIT, I decided it was time to give back to WPI, and I knew one direction of my giving would be to give back in support of the Global Projects Program. I support WPI in appreciation for all I was given as an undergraduate student and to help ensure future students may also have highly impactful IQP experiences.”

- Myles Walton '97

“It is important to me to give back to a university that has had a significant impact on all of my children who have attended, who currently attend, and who may possibly attend in the future. I am grateful for the privilege they had to get the education and experience they were afforded at WPI.”

- Shelley Alexander P '11, '13, '15

“From the first day our son stepped on campus at WPI, we knew it was a community we wanted to be a part of. We feel strongly that as members of the community, we need to give back and participate in making WPI the best it can be. People want to see that the members of the WPI family believe in their institution. Our son has had a tremendous experience at WPI, and we feel privileged to be part of the WPI family.”

- Kelly and George Moniz P '18