2020 STARs and DraftKings Scholars Announced


School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences is pleased to announce the undergraduate students who have been selected to receive a 2020 Summer Training in the Arts and Sciences (STAR) and 2020 DraftKings fellowship awards. STAR fellowships are made possible through the generosity of WPI’s Arts & Sciences Advisory Board and were awarded to A&S undergraduate student to conduct research (projects were completed remotely this summer or in-person during the academic year). The DraftKings Fellowship is made possible by a generous gift from the DraftKings corporation to support work that elevates the impact of advanced research in information science and technology. We congratulate all award recipients.

2020 STAR Award Recipients

Alisionna Iannacchione ’21, Psychology

Advisor: Erin Ottmar

Brady Jeong ’22, Physics

Advisor: Doug Petkie

Benjamin Lunden ’22, Physics

Advisor: Izabela Stroe


Zhifei Ma ’22, Mathematical Science and Computer Science

Advisor: Min Wu

Jocelyn Mendes ’21, Chemistry

Advisor: Ronald Grimm

Jialin Song ’21, Robotics Engineering and Computer Science

Advisor: Loris Fichera

Sarah Tarantino ’21, Biology & Biotechnology

Advisor: Jagan Srinivasan

Nicholas Tourtillott ’22, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Advisor: Elizabeth Ryder


2020 DraftKings Fellows


Mariko Endo ’22, Interactive Media and Game Design

Advisor: Jennifer deWinter

Tyler Marcus ’22, Interactive Media and Game Design

Advisor: Jennifer deWinter